Thursday, June 12, 2008

week 1 of community medicine: go fudge yourself

i thought when we come back from the holidays, and enter the realm of community medicine, we will be given a manual to work with. nada!! none!! nil!! no such manual exists. we have to design everything on our own: from the plan, to the questionnaires, to the health program, EVERYTHING!!. there is no such thing as spoon feeding for us now. we are guided, but not held by the hand. we were just given trails of clues that we have to work on. this is so so so much different from working in the hospitals, where everything is already there and all you have to do is clerk and diagnose the patients.

we were clueless for 3 days, and not till late last evening that we finally realized what were our mistakes and we have been like mad hatters trying to correct everything before going to the village itself.

the class now looks like a cybercafe or let me put it as the NASA control centre. almost everyone is hooked on to something. either that, they will be sleeping (smart move!!). all of us are deprived of sleep. but some of the people here, i have no idea what are their jobs. we're suppose to be working together, but when i look at them, they look so redundant that it is better for them not to be here. buat menyemak ruang aja. they come just for the attendance, not the contributions.

well anyway, we are gonna be off for the homestay program next week. and guess what?!?!? giler happy weii!!! the penghulu called me personally (like so many times because i didn't pick up his calls initially) to ask if it's ok for him to adopt me for next week. nice ain't it? he wants me, not anyone else and i got to choose my roomie ( he even asked who i wanted to stay with). so obviously i chose saras.

take a look at the activities (passive and active) that are going on during this week:

everybody's laptops are everyone elses property. no one can be bothered to care for their own because it is all about sharing.

berguna juga encik DELL (hand-me-down) aku ni. aku rasa comp ni la yang paling banyak berjasa during this time and paling busy sekali.

macam ni pun boleh nyenyak tau. mmg totally sleep deprived.

everything is electronic. we are going paperless now!

catching up with leisure reading whenever possible.

one of the many teams that were formed to make work more efficient.

PP/S: wait for week 2.

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