Thursday, June 26, 2008

week 2 of community medicine : day 5 -so long, farewell. it's hard to say goodbye-

It is true what they say : TIME FLIES. it is amazing, TIME does not have wings, but it flies pass you without you even realizing. it is unfair, but we can't fight it. it is time to let go, it is time for goodbyes.

at first, i didn't have much thought on this. i was like going thru the morning, like any other mornings that we had in Kampung Hilir. i woke up, had my shower, got ready, and sat for breakie. mak made (especially for me and saras) ubi kayu rebus and insisted her children to go and hunt for kelapa parut in the early morning! kesian derang kena kejut pagi2 hari ni.

the morning routine wasn't so usual like the other 3 days. this time round, we had to pack our belongings and get ready to leave. my heart was still the same, i didn't feel much.

after breakie, we left for the dewan area and gotong-royong with the villagers to take down the stage that was erected for our farewell nite. although the sun was making its way straight up our heads, we still managed to have fun. drinks were served for us even after the little work that we done, how thoughtful of them.

a goodbye song just for batch 9

mak and the lady who caused my glasses to break while playing netball. she was damn worried right after, sian dia.

of course after the refreshments, we had to have a snap happy session. kenangan yang indah all captured on memory cards. but the most treasurable ones are those that are engraved in our hearts.

RED + wani. hitam hangit dah aku.... haiishhh....

RED + abang. dia ni macam teddy bear. but very shy.

the remainders of batch 9. some of them have left the kampung earlier. pehal la kan?

batch 9 + Kampung Hilir. not all of them of course.

ladies only : batch 9 + kampung hilir ladies

snap happy moments are over. it is time to move on.... we were escorted out from the dewan to the main arch near abah's crib. they were walking hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm. everyone was still smiling, although deep inside some of us, the sadness is creeping in.

diapit bunga manggar

diarak bersama paluan kompang

and finally when we reached the arch, the orang kampung made a line and we went along it to salam and say our goodbyes and thanks to them.i was still ok when i started the line, and then it happened......

.....when the Mak Yang (ketua wanita) hugged me. i was touched and i couldn't stop it. the tears start to flow. she start to cry also. as i progressed the line, more ppl hugged me and more tears flow. some were consolling me, some were joining in my sadness. i can't believe the effect this chapter had on me.

the drive back home was mainly silent. my tears has stopped flowing, but my heart kept on crying. tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan derang because they were happy to have us there. i was happy to learn loads from them and enjoying and understanding their way of life.

mak bekalkan RED with the ubi kayu that orang hantar to the house because they heard that i was craving for it. she also ordered maruku for the 4 of us to take home. and of course, we got the baju kurung from abah. malu gila ok, we didn't even have anything to give them in return. tapi takpe, cause we will be getting them sth for them to remember us by and for thanking them of their kindness.....

home made maruku. i am bringing back for yah and nana.

apart from the ubi kayu, i also brought back a nasty bruise. macam mana leh kena? well, it is not the only one, berlambak lagi lebam kat kaki RED ni. tu kira yang paling besar. dapat masa main netball, langgar kaki tiang gol :P

thanks kampung hilir, you will be in my heart forever.....


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Anonymous said...

orang berbudi kite mesti selalu berbahasa. material things are meaningless, hormat and ingatan selalu is a must ok.

BasH said...

wahhh meriahnya aktviti kan...kalu masuk kampung mmg best.

djambu puadovich said...

from that angle, ubi kayu dgn betis ada rupa yg sama...hehehe :P

redSeptember said...

yes djambu, that is the point. hehehe you noticed!! :P

i know bash, mmg best la masuk kampung.

uShop said...

waaa jelesnye ngan med stud msia!!
mane2 pn ade program masok kampg.
kat cn hapak pn tarak :(

[tetibe rindu ngan ubi kayu :p]

redSeptember said...

tu la kan, i am glad i came back here. tak suma med stud kat malaysia yang merasa comm med chapter macam ni. we are the lucky ones. dapat dok sana and live their lives. yang len tu, masuk kampung aja, but then tak tido sana macam kami.

nak makan ubi kayu, meh le. tak habis lagi ni yang derang kasi tu... heeheh