Monday, June 2, 2008

(ring) FINGERed

have you wondered why the (wedding) ring finger is the fourth finger of the left hand? why is it not one of the other fingers, or why is not on the right hand? well i didn't either at first, but it just somehow struck my curiosity, and as most of you have already known, i am a very inquisitive and curious person. i needed to know why so that i could sleep easily at night (not that the fact of this did actually help me in resolving my insomnia...).

see, i have searched in many WWWs and i have somehow related my findings with my medical knowledge, and finally i came up with a LOGIC and SCIENTIFIC explaination to the question above. just fyi, i am a very scientific person (which is sometimes very hard to live with as there are many scientifically unexplained phenomenas that occur in this world that you can't help but just believe, without any physical scientific evidences).

ok, so here goes, the answer to WHY IS IT THAT FINGER?

have you ever seen or known a person who had had a heart attack? maybe, then again, maybe not. let me fill you in on this (disclaimer:this is the medical part).

the person who suffers from heart attack may be seen gripping the front of their chest during the attack because of the pain that they feel. upon detailed questioning, you may also hear that the patient complains that the pain that is felt, radiates to the left lower jaw, and/or the left shoulder, and/or down the left arm, particularly to the 4th and 5th fingers. this happens because the dermatome (receptor circuit) that provoked the pain felt front of the chest shares the same dermatome that supplies the left lower jaw, left shoulder, and left arm, especially the 4th and 5th finger. in short, it is safe to say that there is a nerve that connects the left 4th finger to the heart.

so, as to protect it (this is my take on this), the wedding ring is placed there, to put the heart at ease and let it know that it is loved.

but then again, getting hitched posses more probs as it is, eh? hehehe .....

notice that heart attack patients also say that they have recently had a bout of stressful events. marriage will be the first thing they mention in what makes them so stressed, second comes children, and then work.

so, shall we change tradition and use one of the other fingers as the RING FINGER?

think about it.


Eliea said...

wah2 ur thinking, sgt scientific! I pakai ring on my ring finger sbb itu jer jari yg muat hehe...but people always assume i dah kawin plak...i dun like la the term ring finger...klu nak tunggu kawin baru blh pakai cincin kat situ, berzaman la i kena tunggu kan kan.. but for guys, i think the ring finger should maintain sbb that is the way i nak tahu dia kawin ke tidak...huhu...pendapat saya mcm ada bias jantina..wahh terlebih sudah (ala2 Stacy Af) hehe

Anonymous said...

A pre-wedding ring –engagement ring is given usually to commit acceptance of eternal marital relationship.The idea expands with the presenting of promise rings or eternity rings that signify the serious courting relationships.

djambu puadovich said...

whoa...from where u got all these ideas...berangan nak kawen ekkk...;)
looking to ur previous entries...mcm ye je :P

redSeptember said...

alo encik djambu...
not lidat la. you may not knoe this. RED ni suka think and really like to know the reason for everything.

n3 lain pasal weddings? ada ke? tak perasan la pulak.

i don't think so la djambu. macam menakutkan je kahwin ni... heheh

djambu puadovich said...

ada la kot. or i misread ur entries...wut abt when u wrote sumtg abt ur sisters n d thought of separating from them due to marriage? hmmm
ye, kawin tu menyeramkan...seriau!!!