Friday, June 20, 2008

week 2 of community medicine : day 2 -merempit bersama saras-

eventhough we are doing all field work this week, we still have to start at 0800 hours. as you all already, i am not a heavy sleeper. so, this poses no problem to me except for th fact that my ability to concentrate tends to deter as the day progresses. but nevertheless, the only thing that i need is a perk-me-up stimulus to keep my energy going. this can range from coffee to anything that ignites my excitement, especially doing crazy things!!

waiting for the batch to congegrate. after briefing, disperse and continue our work.

as per day 1, we continued our survey. we went to houses that were incomplete as the occupants weren't there the day before. as soon as we were done, we decided to help the other teams that were still lagging behind. we were given this particular house which was so filthy (but who am i to judge). the respondent was babysitting his niece when we came. he was kind of reluctant to answer our questions as he was preoccupied with the baby. i was loosing my patience. so, i decided to take the baby from him and said that i'll handle the baby (she was crying and nagging), you go sit down and complete the iterview ok. i took her out, and made her touch the plants. she became quiet. and as soon as she got comfortable with me, i started swaying her around, she was happy. i was happy that the pakcik got to finish the interview. it was literally a win-win situation.

ok, the sun got to me. i almost had a heat stroke. after the pakcik's place, we split and went back to our respective foster homes. had some lunch, no rest, and straight to the 2nd part of the day: data merging.

i am a total klutz in IT, therefore, i am not appointed to this. but i did my best to help the team by being the memory, as i was the interviewer for most of the houses. so, if there were any missng data, they will come and ask me.

as the evening draws closer, and i was bored with data merging, saras and i borrowed some1's bike and we started rempiting. i don't know how to manouver a bike, i can only do scooter. so, saras was the rider and i became the snap-happy passenger. ronda kampung la!

some sceneries while we were rempiting.

tgh-tgh rempit, terserempak pulak ngan gal rempits. bukan main kecoh lagi kami masa tu. ngalahkan ayam bertelur!

after much rempiting, it was high time to go back home as abah and mak wanted to bring us to tanjung dawai's pasar malam. i have been to tanjung dawai, but it was in the morning, when there is nothing much to see. so, now that i am there in the evening, i could see the difference that the place is much more livelier.

this is how putu mayam is made. first time aku tgk ni.

as it was already dinner time and we were there, we decided to have dinner at the seafood stalls that were lining up the beach side of tanjung dawai. before dinner time, we walked around to enjoy the scenery (nothing much actually).
we almost rushed thru dinner as we had to get back to the village by 9pm to continue with our data merging as well as completing the surveys for those houses whose occupants are only available at nite.

the 2nd day was rather relaxing and i was beginning to adapt to the village and its people and understanding the way they live.

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