Sunday, June 8, 2008


i am pretty sure that many of you don't know this, i have 2 half-sisters. it has been a few months since we last met and the rindu that we had in us, was unbearable. out of the blue, i decided to sms papa and told him that we wanna meet them. initially, we wanted to meet them in AMCORP mall but since he mentioned IKEA, we were thrilled since the latter was nearer to us (totally walking distance!!) and banyak benda we can do there.

while we were planning to meet, LANGLEGAR sms-ed me and asked me out for a movie. i wanted to go, but i was pretty bz. so instead, i told him that i'd meet him there to say 'hi'. tapi macam gampang aja cause this is the 2nd time that we were at the same place and the same time, but tak jumpa!! waaaa!!! mmg takde rezeki ni. haiiisshhh.... macam mana ni lang? i was practically running from one place to another to meet him and also hangout with my sisters.

so, melayan these 2 girls aja la kerja kita. they are so adorable and ever so active! especially baby amani, now that she knows how to be so mengada and demanding. heheheh

aleya on the other hand, is so smart with her choice of words. she said to nana "oh maaf, tunggu sebentar ye", she's only 6 for heaven's sake! (turning 7 this coming 26th june). her ibu also said that she is so sensitive that she asked her ibu just yesterday: "ibu ni dah tak pedulikan leya ke?", just because amani had more attention than her. giler standard bahasa dia!! heheeh

ainur aleya: dah potong rambut pendek. tak cute macam dulu when she had layered hair cut.

ainur amani: ni lagi la kesian, takde rambut dah ni!!

baru discovered this: she has a hanky that she needs to be pacified.

yah tgh jadi cikgu untuk leya


Hafifi said...

hehe..ade gambo adik comel la..

Lang Legar said...

tiada luck ka kiter nie huhu

redSeptember said...

mmg adik2 ku comel. macam RED juga kan?

lang... apa cerita ni?? susah arr macam ni ... :P