Friday, June 13, 2008

still in week one: introduction

we finally went to see kampung hilir this morning. and as project manager (i was appointed), i was expected to conduct and head the meeting with the villagers. i can't be doing that as i am not confident of myself. but along the way, i got comfortable with the flow of the program that i didn't mind conducting the meet. see, there are 4 people conducting the meet: RED, thava,bryant, nithi. 2 of us are community med reps and the other 2 are the project managers. since i am the only malay there, they expected much out of me. thank GOD the meet was a success and it was easy for me as the villagers could talk to me in a comfortable phase.

we were put into groups and brought on foot, walking around the village to map out the areas. i have never been to this type of kampung where it is confined to a certain square feet of an area and it consists of only 88 houses. the view was indescribable and the feeling of one with nature was infecting me like a virus!

i didn't feel like i wanted to go back to campus. i felt like i wanted to stay there. it is so calm to be there.

our journey started off from the main building in campus. i was riding with bryant (community med rep) in his ride, along with TCL and Raj.

the welcome arch

the small little playground was surrounded by cars from our group. after the meet at the multipurpose hall of kampung hilir, we were brought to take a first look of the kampung.

while we were walking, the MAPPERS were buzy with their task of trying to roughly sketch the area of the kampung. each group has their own MAPPER(S), and also a snap happy person. as for RED's group, of course it has to be RED (^^)

*snap* *snap* *snap*
our guides were also very informative about the foliage that were growing either wildly or as crop. see the plants above, they are all edible!! lookie at the jantung pisang, gila teringin nak makan weii....

this is the house of one of the foster familes. right behind this house is the paddy field. we were real jakuns to see pokok ceri malaysia and were picking on the little rubies like mad!! hehehe

while we were walking, we could see alot of rambutans and manggis and rambai and what not fruits growing around us. it was like walking thru paradise for me as we were allowed to pick the fruits and eat them while we walked thru the village. the flowers that were surrounding us were so much more beautiful than those that you see selling for the price of a bungalow, at those cut-throat florists.

sawah padi and kebun pisang: the 2 most seen crops in the village.

after the walk and map sketching, we assembled back in the mph to be served with chilled orange cordial (of course i did not drink sugared drinks).

talking about orange, remember the entry about me turning yellow? seems that not only more of my groupies are noticing it, even the doctor that were with us noticed this and asked me what is going on. i said, i don't have an answer to that. i really have to go for an LFT (liver function test).

can't wait for next week!!

PP/S: we are having a 7 days week of working. tadi pun dari pukul 0800 hours sampai pukul 2130 buat kerja. can die la lidis.... (-_-")


13may said...

kg hilir??? mana tuh???

redSeptember said...

kat daerah merbok. damn best la kat sana.

and the people... they are so friendly...