Sunday, June 1, 2008

JES(IMA) the 3 of us, we can make it if we try.

it was about 2030 when the 3 of us started to feel kinda hungry while we were still making laps and having tonnes if fun at the RELAY FOR LIFE 2008 run. i, for one was already having my gastric attack. the 2 sisters, their stomachs were already singing along the dikir barat performance that was done by UKM students.

so around that time, we drove back, with JESIMA TTDI in mind because i really wanted to eat tandoori and naan, nana wanted to eat padprik, and yah.... she's game for anything. so, where else that you can get thai and indian cuisine under one roof? JESIMA would be the answer.

it took us about 30-40mins to get from STDIUM BUKIT JALIL to TAMAN TUN DR ISMAIL. i was driving almost like a blind bat as my glasses broke during the run (more of this later). yah was my seeing co-pilot and we were almost lost. the road seem to go on and on and on without any signs indicating the direction to our destination.

after much much driving, we finally arrive in TTDI. yah had to make a pit-stop at RHB to grab some mullahs (that's cash in her term), and off we went to JESIMA.

these were the dishes that we ordered:

kangkong belacan (rm4.50): apparently, if you ask for it to be less oily, they'd actually make it that way. seriously, next time, make it a point to request for a healthier option (less sugar, less fat) and you'd get it. all you have to do is just ask! the kangkong was so sikit but the udang, and sotong, and chicken were abundant. it made me wonder: "ni kangkong belacan ke seafood belacan? confuse sial!"

mee goreng mamak (rm3.50): this was what yah ordered. gawsh, the fragrant smell of it was making my mouth water. i literally took a deep whiff of it just to satisfy my craving for it (yeah, i am weird. so what?). it came to her piping hott and she finished the whole plate. so i guess it must be delish. it also gave the memories that we had with papa when we were staying in ampang. he'd take us to this mamak place, on the motorcycle, and we'd be eating or tapau-ing maggie goreng and roti bakar that are to-die-for!

plain naan (rm2): this was ordered by yours truly, me. mmg sedap la. it was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. the dhal that came with it was simply divine!i had 2 topups of the dhal only!! can you imagine! i asked for no butter or ghee or all those nasty fatty stuffs. and true to my order, it came clean hehehe. it was fresh and hot when it was served. the serving (for me) was rather huge. yah was picking from my plate and i ended giving her some more as i couldn't really finish it.

tandoori chicken (rm5.50): never ever forget to squeeze the lemon/lime that is served together with it!! it actually make a whole lot of difference! the chicken thigh was marinated to perfection. the meat was not dry like most of the other tandoori that i had before and the onions and cilantro were fresh! the serving was huge that we shared the dish together. it is rather spicy but then again, i like it HOT! (^^)

nasi goreng padprik (rm6): when it came, i was shocked! didn't expect it to look so good. although, looks can be deceiving kan? but when i see that nana finished the whole plate to herself, i am pretty sure that it must be nice. confirmation was done by her saying that she liked her meal. the down part was that the beef was rather chewy.

the bill came up to rm25.10 for 3 persons. nana had her iced milo (rm2), yah had her teh-o-ice limau (rm1.60), and i had iced plain water (free... hehehe). i think it is rather feasible as we were all super full after that.

if i am not mistaken, it is open for 24hours. somewhere near JESIMA TTDI, there is MAKBUL NASI KANDAR. my advise is to not go there although it looks all fancy from the outside. the food taste terrible and the service is like shaites. well, it is your choice though. make a wise one!

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