Saturday, June 21, 2008

A-grade C-food

After walking through the pasar malam and meeting and being introduced to abah's friends (apparently, he knows almost everyone!! literally!!), we decided to have dinner as we were all very hungry. initially mak wanted to buy something from the pasar malam (satay), but i told her that satay can be eaten even when i am in KL (although in KL, one stick of satay in hartamas costs 60cents, here it costs only 20cents). so we decided to eat some seafood at the open air restos that are situated along the beach stretch.

the owner of this resto is also abah's friend

wash your hands before and after you eat cause if you plan to eat with fork and spoon, you'll be missing the best part of the dishes!

like most of the seafood restos, you get to choose your catch of the day. we got sotong, crabs (exclusively for me!!), siakap, and kerang from the seafood side of the dinner course.
how i wish i were the fishes here, burried under ice. it is so damn hot there weii!!

since the weather is very very super duper hot, all of us except for abah, ordered tender coconut juice as our drinks. it is those that are from the tree that hasn't undergone any processes for commercial purposes. what can i say, it was cooling and delish!!

sipping our cocos underneath the pondok that doubled as our dining area.

other than seafood, we also ordered khailan ikan masin and tomyam. taking note that these were cooked by thailanders, the taste was fantastically authentic.

the khailan was superb. the tomyam looked rather too reddish at first but once you try it, you'll know that the taste overcame the appearance of it.

kerang bakar and cicah asam : my fav of all!!

sweet and sour crab : tak sedap sangat as compared to the one that we had in kelana seafood (dah gi mana arr resto tu?).

sotong goreng tepung : can't touch this. but claimed to be really sedap and crispy.

siakap bakar : rather oily but the taste is nice. i guess the marinade is made differently than the conventional way that we always have it. makan sket la utk rasa kan.

hmm... i really can't say the value for money for this dinner as abah took the tkt and paid at the, i have no idea how much it has cost.

all i know is *BURP..... Alhamdulillah.... (^^)


BasH said...

aiyooo bestnya tgk seafood...lapor la plak kena la simpan je...skrg kena pandai jimat cermat kan..haihh..

Anonymous said...

Must go place, InsyaAllah. Salam to your parent `angkat'. Glad you have fun despite everything else. Tak beli petai ke?

redSeptember said...

tapikan bash, RED rasa it is worth the cost kott sebab kawasan kampung kan. kalau mahal2 saper nak makan, iye tak?

i pun ingat nak beli petai, tapi nnt buruk pulak nak tunggu you balik. nvrmind, bila you dtg, i can ask my fosters or the ppl there to cari k ;)

Lang Legar said...

haha red n her sense of good food