Tuesday, June 24, 2008

week 2 of community medicine : day 4 -the game-

i can't believe that it has been 4 days already!! it felt too soon to be true. in the early morning, we were practising for the farewell performances that we were to have later at night. i was dancing for 2 performances, and i only practised for 3 days!! my steps were so cacat, i felt like pulling out. but i can't. simply because, i didn't wanna upset my fellow dancers.

dikir barat : thank GOD i wasn't in this one. it was a total flop and embarassing to say the least. they were not coordinated and the lyric was so blah.

come noon, around 1500hours, everyone was psyched! this is because the telematch part of the program has finally arrived! we had to start a little after 1500 hours as abah was too bz "make-up"ing himself before attending the match. aiiiyooo......

this is BBP. his spex broke during the telematch, and guess what, mine did too while playing netball. the ball was thrown to my face, the spex broke, and it scratched the corner of my eye in 2 places. i was bleeding but it didn't hurt as much as the fact that my spex broke :~(. lucky only the lense, not the frame.

kids that were joining in the fun

the first match : tarik upih

the ones who were on the upih had their asses burned down to a crisp!

kereta sorong : my partner was azmi. this was when i noticed that he had a bad wound on his feet that wasn't taken care of properly. he got the wound from collecting scrap metals to be sold to get some pocket money. i was so worried that i cleaned his wound thoroughly. i kept on cleaning his wound even in the night as i was afraid that it might get infected. the next day when he came around to change his dressing, the wound looked tonnes better than before... alhamdulillah.... biarla orang kata geli or what, i just want it to get better. nothing more.

charades, MALAY style. guna peribahasa as the sentences to be guessed.

lawn NYIURling. susah juga nak main game ni sebenarnya. the coco that you bowl must hit the cocos in the circle until it comes out from the ring.

our team was so hyped with their shoes, their shin guards, and shaites. their team, anything oso can la! and THEY won by 4-0!!

kupas kelapa, parut kelapa. please don't mess with her!!

must kupas using a parang.

very susah to do actually. nampak aja senang.

kampung girls VS kampung boys. obviously the girls won because they had good support team from batch 9 girls!! hehehe (actually, the girls outnumbered the boys :P )

batch 9 girls VS the kampung women. gawsh!! they are damn strong weii. tak sempat nak pull, they already got the tag across the midline. what do these kampung women eat!?!?!

lambung kasih, sambut sayang. i was playing with abang (abah's son). kalah ni... haiishhh...

prize giving ceremony. non of them got in batch 9's hands. tere sungguh oranga kampung ni. haishh... malu .... .malu......

most importantly, we had F.U.N!!