Thursday, May 29, 2008

U n I t Y

snapped this in the parking area of Pott's apartment.

sebenarnya kan, korang faham ke apa maksud UNITY ni?

-the state of being one; oneness.
-the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole; unification.
-absence of diversity; unvaried or uniform character.
-oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement.

taken from:

latest hype in unity: Malaysian artiste for Unity (MAFU)

please, don't get me wrong. i am not against this new found project. infact i [heart] the song. the vidclip however was rather passe. anyway, at first, when i heard about the debut of this song on the radio, i was ecstatic. i can't wait for it to be aired. and when i finally heard it, i was glad because the tune was one of those kind that stays in your head and you have to somehow physically hear it to get the gist of it.

*tepuk tepuk tepuk*

well done to the composer, songwriter, artiste (eh, what is the plural for this arr?), and the team that put this project together.

then kan, after awhile, i started to think about this whole UNITY project. dah berapa banyak dah, but still, ada juga pergaduhan, perbalahan, racism, quotism, and all those shaites la.

sebenarnya, there are many reasons to be united. people canbe united against good or against bad. aku faham la, that this latest MAFU thingy is for good. but really, i want to know, what is the REAL reason for unity in malaysia, as projected since i could ever remember.

last time, the UNITY projects were not so hyped, but amazingly, the elders actually did unite. unlike now, people are just following the crowd. if you ain't in it, you ain't up-to-date. so, what the heck, follow je la kan. follow blindly pun takpe la.... janji glamer.

some of the unity projects that i can safely say, were "cool" for 3 months and then, gone with the wind (literally):

sekarang, dah takde saper pun pakai UNITY BAND ni. masa mula dulu, bukan main semua nak own this plastic band. i wonder what happened to it. kan ke membazir macam ni? do you really need a piece of plastic to indicate that you are together, standing arm-in-arm with one purpose: to be united?

i don't see the necessity. but for "cool" factor, yeah, ok.

this is mine. i got it from somewhere, can't quite remember. i used to wear it but after awhile, i find it a hassle because i don't want to spoil the band. so, i hang it on my backpack which i carry all the time. not so wasteful on my part.

then there is this button. i see alot of bloggers having this put in their blog. bukan main bangga, tapi yang pelik tu, nanti ada mengutuk about malaysia in their blog. pooorahhh! and the blog is fully ENGLISH. ahhahhahha.... lawak lawak....

paint your face with whatever chemical possible to mark UNITY. lepas tu, muka breakout, berkerutu, peeling, and all that you can imagine possible to happen to your face right before the big day (whatever day that is la), despite the label on the dye saying "toxic free", yeah right.

rambut sama hitam, muka sama conteng, hati lain lain (united ke macam ni?).

hmmm... who wants racism right? to me, no matter what colour you are, you are human. every single person on this planet deserves human rights. what makes you different is not the colour of your skin or the blood that runs thru you. it is the culture that was practiced by your ancestors and that has manifests itself in you. this is actually the factor that allows room for diversity that most of the time leads to what we term as racism.

diversity is good.discrimination is intollerable.

in the end, UNITY starts from within. find it in you first, get the whole idea right first, then only you talk arr....

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m s v l a d said...

ouuhh this..

hehe yup2..the unity band rage..
everyone has one mase tuh i remembered.but it goes away when ppl took advantage of it for the sake of business.

I hope the tune stucks in our heads for quite some time.I really do.coz even if it doesnt changes the fact that mps are still tongue-fighting.Racism still is very much there.And all of our nation dysfunctionalities.It does strike sumthing in my heart.=)

plus its a catchy song doesnt hurt either.