Friday, May 30, 2008

The Apartment (not the restaurant, mind)

no matter how much i try not to feel the fear, it comes and haunt me, time and again. the cause of me writing this entry was because i was watching SEEKERS on NTV7 just now. it was a load of bull, that much i could testify. but towards the end, the host, the lady who dresses up like a pontianak, she was possesed while the filming was taking place. she was just staring into space and randomly looking deeply into the eyes of the production crew. although it was on TV and i miles and times away from the real occurance, i felt jittered. and then, the memory flooded back into my mind. the thing that happened to me when i was at The Apartment, a newly opened apartment at the foot of the hill of Genting Highlands.

i was new in KTJ at that time. i came in for form 4. in order for me to socialize, mama has coughed out some money immediately after she found out that there'd be a school trip to genting for the first weekend that i was there. ok fine. so maybe that is the stepping stone for me to get to know people. i played the game, went for the trip, not expecting in my wildest imagination for this particular incident to happen to me.

we reached the apartment that we were to stay in sometime near dusk. we were placed 4 to an apartment. i shared the master with my roomie from jawahir house and the other 2 girls got the single rooms. the apartment was huge and it was really new at that time. after settling down, we all got ready to have dinner. we went for dinner and i was still all in my shell as i was too shy to mix around. after dinner, i decided to go straight back up to my room and stay there since i have no one to hang with.

the TV was blah and i had nothing to do. so, i decided to retire early. no one was in the apartment with me at that moment. i left most of the lights on as i was rather afraid. on the master bed, i covered my self with the quilt and covered my face with the pillow so that it won't be too bright for me to sleep. as i was just lying there, still wide awake, i felt like the quilt was lifting away from me, slowly but surely. the space between myself and the quilt felt hot. at first, i ignored it, thinking that it must be my imagination. but as the quilt felt like it was separating from me further and further, i immediately sat up. i couldn't believe what i see. the quilt has formed into a dome-like formation infront of me! i didn't and couldn't think much. i didn't look under the quilt. i just pushed the dome of a quilt down and pooof!! all the the heat that i felt, deflated just like that. i was stunned.

immediately, i ran downstairs to where my schoolmates were. lucky enough, my roomies were on their way up. i half-told them about what had happened. as they entered the house, one girl saw something in the master. she and the other girl decided not to stay there for the night and bunk with their friends instead. i can't do that, i ain't got no friends at that time. thank god the girl that shared the master with me decided to keep me company. we went in search of our teachers and told them exactly what happened. we even called the manager to speak about this. and his answer was: "yes, this is not the first time anything like this has happened. it has occured many times. we can't fight it because this is their place. we are merely taking over and they may be angry".

so, it wasn't my imagination. it was true.
the next day, when everyone has gone up to genting's theme park, i decided to stay. what happened the night before scared me but still, i didn't feel like socializing. so the best option was to be in the apartment, regardless of the hauntings. it was mid morning when i switched on the TV to watch something. i was just channel hopping and there was nothing to watch. so i put the remote on the coffee table and left the TV on (i don't want the apartment to be silent). as i was walking away from the TV area, the channel started changing on its own!! now, i have seen this happening in the horror movies, never tot that it could actually happen real live and especially to me!! i stared at the TV changing itself and i went blank for a moment. then it hit me: this is their place. i can't do anything about it and where could i run since everyone's up in genting? i went to switch off the set and i sat waiting on my bed. nothing happened after that.
even until now, the images of the occurances still run wild in my head. writing this entry gave me goosebumps.


Narisha said...

Scarry shit!! Kalau I, dah lari lintang pukang balik KL dah.. heeheh..

more ghost stories like this pls.. akaks sukaks! hehe.. Amal pun mesti suka.. heeh..

Dulu, I pun kena like hempap thing tu kat hotel di Penang while Amin pegi kerja.. goosshh! I can clearly remember I baca surah2 mana tau... I jerit! but when I jerit Allah byk2 kali baru dia hilang.. quilt pun kena tarik.. scary lerhh..

apa apa pun... take good care of yourself... ya.. :D

Anonymous said...

brrr... ngerilaaa

athena said...

Ouh.. Takutnye! But u still have guts to stay there after the tv changed the channel by itself? Kalau i, dah lama pengsan.

redSeptember said...

ntah arr.... RED mmg macam ni. kalau dah benda tu jadi depan mata or to myself, mmg boleh tahan lagi.

but if i think about it, then baru rasa takut.

pelik kan..?

djambu puadovich said...

whoa!!! seramnyee!!! gamba tu ori ke? xda diejas2? isk3...mcm ju-on pun ada...

redSeptember said...

gambar tu maybe ori, RED tak tahu because gambar pinjam tu sebenarnya. but cerita ni, mmg cerita yang RED alami sendiri.