Monday, May 5, 2008

(not so) smooth criminal

somewhere here, 4th may 2008: a baby was rushed to the emergency department of the hospital by his dotting ( i really doubt this) mother, at about 1545 hours.

the baby, a 2 months old male, has sustained injury to his head and his body. a large swelling could be seen on the left side of his head and some bruisings also on the left side. the baby was in distressed when it came in and the mother was in pure shock and confused of what to do all at the same time.

it was allegedly said that the baby went through an attempted but failed kidnapping scene while he was having his nap in the hall of the house. the culprit was said to have entered the house through the roof. at this time, the mother was nowhere near the child. but as soon as she heard some funny noises coming from the hall added with the cries of her baby, she immediately rushed to check on the baby.

what she saw was horrifying! (if it was me, i would have screamed my head off too). she saw the culprit taking the baby from its nap area and tried to climb out through the roof again. but as the mother was screaming and trying to save her baby from the hands of the culprit, the culprit got too scared and hence dropped the baby while climbing out.

so far, the baby is now in stable condition while the mother is emotionally (and hopefully not mentally) unstable at the moment. the culprit however was not caught, and if the culprit was ever caught, she cannot be charged under any circumstances.

wanna know why????

.....because it is a MONKEY!!!
until we have rules and law to try a monkey in court, this kidnapper will still be running aloof ( or aROOF, in this matter), targetting babies that are unattended by their parents/caretaker.
haiiishhh... this kind of things oso can happen arr? what happened to the good old days when monkeys are just....well, MONKEYS?? since when la they learned how to be penyangak ni? must be the influence of the mass media la...
all those national TVs and satellites that they have been watching from afar are giving them ideas!
see see, they can rule the planet already....aiiyaaahhh... that is the ultimate dream of MOJO JOJO from powerpuff girls.
well, all the best to them eh?


Eliea said...

alia, scarynyer this incident!

Si Kachak Yang Masih Teruna said...


the very the criminal mind la that monkey.

redSeptember said...

memang macam BINATANG kan monyet ni...


Anonymous said...

Shit woman, your first paragraph alone freaked me out!

Dahlah I tgh tensyen pasal kes budak2 hilang ni.

Hahah thanks for the laugh, though. :)

Anonymous said...

No wait... was that a true incident? I'm confused, so now I've stopped giggling pulak :(

redSeptember said...

eh, citer betul la babe...

takkan le i nak buat cerita dongeng rakyat lak


Mas said...

err... monkey kan masuk U aper... UM... (betul! byk geng diorg kat sinih... i smpai pernah terkejut beruk last year... sbb i tgh study kat dataran zaaba... tetibe geng nih datang serang dataran zaaba... smua org larik... i terkejut sgt smpai takleh nak gi mane2... so i stay jer sbb klu i gerak jer diorg lagi mau ikut... habis diorg keliling i... huhu~ )

owh luper lak... this year pun i kena attack ngan monkeys kat jabatan i... siap dier datang serang kaki i lagik... huhu... sgt menakutkan... if not mistaken, happened in march this year...



djambu puadovich said...

inspirational monkey movies:
king kong
planet of d apes
12 monkeys
outbreak [wlpn xda byk scene monyet, tp monyet membawa virus]

beware of urban monkeys!!!

redSeptember said...

tu la pasal.

dia punya bite tu contains a gazillion nasty things!