Tuesday, May 13, 2008

# 32

as usual, i was at the gym yesterday. sometimes i hate going to the gym nowadays cause there are so many people there and the equipments are, well.... still the same in number. the worst part is that, some of the equipments are not working properly so you'd have to wait your turn. my usual routine of 50mins equipment workout has to be reduced to 45 or sometimes 30mins, which i totally resent. but then again, i don't want to be tagged as a hogger. yah juga yang best, dapat g gym without these probs. the cacat part is that most of them who are flooding the gym here are there not because they want to workout, but because they want to mengada you know. ada ke pergi gym with drop earrings, or pergi sana in groups and challenge each other to lift the heaviest weights, or to go there and wait for their boyfs. buat menyemak ruang aja!!

so, i was done with my cardio, on to my weights. i was doing the chest press when i heard a contest going on on-air. as an ardent contest-enterer, i quickly (purely on impulse), dialled for flyfm. mana tau, sekali DJ HAFIZ answered my call. he asked for my ## and said that he'd call back and then we'd play the game (MOST WANTED). after a few mins, yeah he did call back. he was asking where i was and what i was doing.... the usual stuffs.... and he asked me if i was nervous. i said "kinda". then, as cocky as men can be, he said that i need not be nervous as i was talking to him only. heheehehhe.... my answer was: "no dude, it is not you that i am nervous about, it's them questions! i know you are gonna give me toughies" ~~malu~~ kekekekekek

yeah, the questions were TOUGH (for me la as i don't know the maker of XBOX 360. yeah, kill me already). out of 10, i got ZERO!!! tere or not? tere tere.... ^^

up to that moment, it still didn't register to me, something perculiar about DJ HAFIZ......

he said that he'd call me back to get my details. i have no idea why. prolly he wants to key it in the database of flyfm. well, he did. he called me back. and it was fun talking to him! i mean, it was like he was asking me for my details and i thought that was it but the conversation went on for about a little over 5 mins and ALICIA the traffic girl came into the talking too!! it was just so natural for the 3 of us to be talking like as if we knew each other before (well, i knew them as the jox of flyfm. they certainly don't know me....). somewhere along the conversation, DJ HAFIZ was saying that i could get the XBOX 360 for my boyf. well, i don't have one. mi es numero UNO, SINGLE! maybe for the future, he claims. and i kept on saying, maybe not. and..... he tot i had a different sexual preference!!! aiiiyaaaa!!!! how la he thinks lidis!!! -_-"
my immediate reaction was : I AM STRAIGHT!!! as straight as a rule!!
he laughed his head out and he was telling ALICIA about it. we ended up bashing him, alicia and i. it was fun.....

and then, as i was walking to get dins, it finally registered to me: DJ HAFIZ = bachelor #32. wow, one of the bachelors, i was talking to one of the BACHELORS. alah... sebenarnya, nothing also. saje je to make the story more interesting :P

whatev it is, he is nice if you get to talk to him.... i mean the whole fly crew are cool. note to DJ HAFIZ: i am sure you are gonna come across this entry someday. jes to make it clear.... red is STRAIGHT! ehehhehehe.... and single too.....*wink*


KiMiE said...

huish..lama tak datang sini..dah berubah rumah ni yer..hehe..pekabor?

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about DJ HAfiz on Fly.FM? Hahahahahah weird coincidence... he's my schoolmate dulu! I baru tau he's a DJ recently, funny guy.

You a gym bunny too? Haha me too. I know those type of posers you're talking about. Luckily the ppl who go to the gym in my uni here are quite serious about their workouts.

redSeptember said...

yeah babes, he's ok. adik dia hani hatim kan? you kenal?

iee... i meluat gila orang pergi gym yang intention dia bukan nyer nak pergi gym pun. tapi nak mencapub kat sana.

pang! baru tau kan

djambu puadovich said...

maker of XBOX360? company ke individual? kalo XBOX, company microsoft yg buat...[yesss!!! i scored 1 out of 9 olredy] :D