Tuesday, May 6, 2008

50 is the new 25

today is mama's 50th birthday.

....from the bottom of my heart....

Happy Birthday Mama dearest!

i love you without ends. what happened today, i was really shocked to hear and was and still is very very sad about it. i EMO-ed so much just now, that i called my little sister for comfort. yeah, i know, i should be the one comforting her right? but seriously, i can't contain myself. i have long planned to make this day your happiest day ever because you definitely deserve the BEST. the day i saw your face when you received CUPIDO from me, i was like in a euphoric state....BLISS..... i want to be the one giving you the best, and i know for sure that at that moment i did.

but i am pretty sure, the best pressie for you now is THE news. i am glad too, really!

when i got your SMS regarding CUPIDO, i stopped for awhile. i could not think, i could not react. i just froze. yeah, i told you i EMO-ed. i want it (the one dat I got you from my own $$) to be with you forever. but i guess forever is too farfetched when it went missing TODAY, on your special day, on the day that i wished i could be there by your side to tell you how lucky i am to have you in my life, THE day you turned the big 5 - 0.....

i can still hear the pieces of my broken hypothalamus.


Big Boys Oven said...

A happy belated birthday wishes to your mum!

redSeptember said...

thanks!! i am sure she'll be reading this!