Friday, May 30, 2008


after walking back from pott's apartment for a round of badminton with nana (we are badminton junkies), i was cooking a healthy dinner comprising of daging masak asam and mixed vegies cooked with oyster sauce (i can cook ok. and moreover, these dishes, i didn't put any extra fat in them and they taste all the same as the ones that are bathed in oil!).

so, as we were cooking, out of nowhere, i asked nana: "what if i get married, will you be ok with it?" her jaw literally dropped open and then yah came trotting around all of a sudden and said: "what!? did i hear that right?"

poker-faced, i repeated my question and added: "seriously, what if i get married?". nana was quick with the answer: "nana tak suka. mesti tak best". yah's answer was: "congratulations!" (but after that, she just remained silent. i can well assume that she wasn't up for the idea of me getting hitched).
quickly, i put their minds to ease by saying : "kaklin pun tak suka sebab macam susah aja and plus i don't think i am any ready yet".

seriously, i cannot imagine living away from my family, especially my sisters. yeah, we may always be bitchy towards each other (especially yah and i), but i don't have the heart to live out of their lives. somehow, in a twisted way, we are close.

and yah was tokking about how weird it is for her and aida to be friends with this guy from gym which is much older than them. then i gave her the look and asked her, what's wrong with his age? i am almost there too. then she said: "well, i never take you for being that age".

see, the equation is really simple: you act what your heart says and tells you to. really, no one can guess my age right and i hope it stays that way hehehe... i can be serious and mature when the situation mandates me to. but most of the time, i am just being me, no matter what number i am in.

my sisters and i : the perfect triangle.


Anonymous said...

A perfect triangle with me in the middle.


redSeptember said...

e eh... tak ajak pon. kekekke...

how come you never comment on the unity arr? so i guess this means, there are some truths in what i have written eh?

djambu puadovich said...

the power of three...hehehehe...[benda ni ada copyright x? kene saman x?]

redSeptember said...

uisshh... .takde .....takde....

hehehe... sila kan :P

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, remember no matter what the situation, be there for each other. Marriage should not stop you from being close to your sisters, unless you choose to. I love you girls and the one in the middle of the triangle.