Sunday, May 11, 2008

mi madre es mi vida, mi toda.

Today is the day that all mothers are celebrated for their existence and also for the endless love that they give to their children. i was waiting eagerly for today too, not because i am a mother myself, but because i want to share it with my mama. for us, she is celebrated every single day for her courage, her strength, her perseverance, her OCD (ooopppssss :P), her craziness, her weirdness, her love, her care....her everything, and most importantly, herself. so, what does one do for today? naturally, you'd go all out (for some, nothing at all la. that is their choice kan?) to show your mum what she means to you.
i wish i could do the same. was planning to be with my mama but the blahdy exam got in the way. O_o ada ke? they told us that exam was on wed/thurs next week. then suddenly, friday evening, we got an SMS, yeah, SMS!!! saying that the exam is today. wahhh... by impulse, everyone shud kalut and start reading something yeah? well, i did the same, i kalut-ed, that is. reading? naahh.... i kept myself kool till this morn, then only aku sibuk nak membaca. alhamdulillah i got thru it better than some of my other peers. minor hitches here and there, tapi ok la tu..... (ala ala saida).
ANYWAY, we were talking about mom's day yeah? ok ok ermmm... i have a checklist here for the things that should be available to celebrate today:
  • wishes - CHECK
  • loves - CHECK
  • kisses - CHECK
  • pressies - CHECK
  • reminder - CHECK
  • mama - ermmm.... NOT CHECKED! she ain't here with me. heck, she ain't even in the same continent!!

(-_-") how la you celebrate mother's day, without ermmm..... your mother here??

nevertheless, she is always in that special place in my heart, my mind, my soul. so this goes out to you ma.......

It took me sometimes

But I finally realized

I finally understand

How you work, how you want everything to work

It drives me nuts most of the time

Now I know why.

Nothing else is more impotant to you than your children

As a child, you didn't get what we got

As a mother, you gave everything that we could hope for

The best love

The best life

The best everything.

I understood you

Through the books you read

Through the lines you highlighted

Through the opening that you write in each of your books

All these reflects your life

Your children.

Everyone has the BEST mom


Not me

I have a mother, a father , a friend, an idol

all in one

I have you.

My mama, the everything of my life

the SUPERmom.

The things that you have done for us

We can never repay

The love that you have showered us

We can never compare

The life you have given us

We will never exchange.

I L.O.V.E you ma, endlessly......


hammidahs said...

You are ever so sweet. All of you are my bundle of joy, my Love and forever my babies, though dah besar macam gajah pun. :) I love you People Endless

faisal said...

waaa, sangat suke tengok picture tu..sangat bahagia bersama ibu tercinta..:) sementara mereka masih ada, mmg sebaiknya kita menyayangi mereka kan?:) dapat bagi ucapan je kat mak..tak dapat bagi pape,hihi.

redSeptember said...

janji kita ingat kat mak kita kan? ucapan pun takpe. yang pentingnya keikhlasan dan kebahagiaan mama masing2...

owh, kami sentiasa bahagia sekeluarga \(^_^)/