Saturday, May 24, 2008

i can't shake it off

i am pretty sure this room is haunted. this is my room in the campus. room 1, apartment C2R. seriously, i am not imagining things and i am not making this up either because i when these kind of things happen to me, i hate it. simply because i can't get a good nite's sleep (but then again, i never do because i am suffering from chronic insomnia).
anyway, there were many occasions that had happened to me in this room, and also in this apartment. but what had happened recently made me want to write about it.
if i am not mistaken, it happened on last wednesday night. it was already about 1215 in the morn of thursday and i was still on my laptop. finally, i became really sleepy and i decided to retire. i went to bed.

i always leave my table light on and my laptop on standby when i am asleep. just incase i get bored when i get up in the mid of the night, at least i can do some surfing or watch something until i fall asleep again. also, i made it a point to put the holy Quran under my pillow, for protection purposes. but somehow, i forgot. i was about to drift off to sleep (i was sleeping on my side), when i felt that something was holding me. crushing me and keeping me still. i was trying to shake it off, but i can't. i was saying some holy words. i could feel my own hands touching my lips, making sure that i was saying them outloud. my lips were moving, i could hear me saying them, but nothing happened. i was still held tight. i tried to turn away, still the same thing.

when i finally got out of the drifting-off-to-sleep state, i immediately activate the laptop from its standby mode.

i quickly searched for the Quran verses file in my documents and put it to play. i left it on the whole time and thank GOD, nothing happened after that. i was jittered.....

just before i wake up to go on the laptop, i heard like a squawking sound that the crows make, coming from the window. i was like: "what the hell? there aren't any crows here, especially at this time of night". i just freaking disregard the sound and leave it at that.

there was once that i dreamt this "thing" was waiting to enter this room thru the window. and another dream indicated that the "thing" has finally found its way in.... crazy right?

all i can do is pray.

F/N: the evening before this happened, at about 8pm, i was driving back to the campus and we passed this bridge. as i was driving, i saw this person sitting at the side of the bridge, in the dark. and i asked the girls if they see what i saw. they didn't see anything. maybe it was my imagination, then again, maybe not.


djambu puadovich said...

wowwowo...dah tpon ghostbuster ke belum?
"if it's sumtg weird n it dont look good, who u gonna call?"

redSeptember said... mum?

Adzrul Ariff said...

Giler seram..

Not too long ago I'd be skeptical about this sort of thing, but then last year time cuti I got to see with my own eyes my cousin kena rasuk jin. Happened during a kenduri doa selamat. The one that rasuk-ed my cousin marah2 sb ramai org dtg rumah "dia". Took hours for some ppl that we called in to take care of this matter.

djambu puadovich said...

the answer shud be ghostbusters laa...i actually quoted from d ghostbuster theme song lyrics...isk3...
nway, sy pernah tbaca pasal kes2 'tindih' ni. ada penerangan mistik dan saintifik.
bab mistik tu, later i can give u d link to ask.
bab saintifik, pernah tbaca sbb apa. mungkin buleh diterangkan begini:
bila kita dlm keadaan separuh sedar/perantaraan tidur dan sedar, badan [jasad] kita dah turn off, tapi minda [spirit] kita blum lagi. jadinya, kita sedar dgn sekeliling tapi kita xbuleh nak tindak semula. hence the feeling of heaviness and paralysis. on way to solve this is to know this fact as a psychological malfunction [psychological aa, bukan psychiatrical. i'm not assuming u as crazy], and keep calm [which is obtained by reciting prayers la] and continue to sleep. or try as hard to wake up, like wut happened to me last 5 days. masa bangun tu berpeluh2 dan sesak nafas! haha. cuak gak masa tu, tp i kept my cool n tell my roomies d next morning.

Anonymous said...

Like Esqueleto said to Nacho:
"Ju are crazie..."

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is...hope this helps

redSeptember said...

alah pott, ko takyah nak poyo k.

you can deny all you want. but i know and you know it too that you believe in this.

djambu puadovich said...

abt dat link, i got to know dis guy. ex-skoolmate tapi lain batch. mungkin buleh tny, sbb entry2 dia sume mcm mistik2

Julian Si said...

Wow! Scarey!! Really good write-up, thanks for sharing.

ps - Thanks again for visiting my blog, and noting the incorrect nature of my Bar-B-Q Plaza post. Much appreciated ...