Friday, May 16, 2008

Melur Baby

i wanted so much to write about this the day i heard about this infant. but it didn't just get to me as to how am i supposed to write it without being bias or insensitive about the matters that are involved and associated with this particular infant.

we were in the kitchen just now and i was talking to yah about this infant. she was furious when she heard it and i said that i want to write it up here. she gave me an idea of how i should write it so that i won't hurt anyone's feelings.

so here goes.

one day, i was uber bored in the surgical ward. so i decided to go to the paeds ward (as one of the patients were transferred over there and i missed her when she was in surgical ward). when i was there, i saw a crib that was placed beside the playroom, very near the nurses' station. i was wondering why this baby wasn't place in any of the other bays like the other patients. then, the story unfolded to me by the students from the senior batch who were posted in paeds.

this male infant was born a twin. unfortunately for him, he is suffering from cerebral palsy (CP) and the brother is normal. his parents recently got into a rut and decided to be divorced from each other. the mother took the normal baby to care for and both parents have decided to give the CP twin away for adoption, since neither one of them wants to care for the CP baby. so, this CP baby was adopted by the paeds ward and he is named the Melur Baby (MB), following the name of the ward.

MB can't see, neither can he hear anything. but somehow, he is very sensitive to air vibrations. even if you pass by him, he would turn to look into the direction of where you had of today, he is 6 years old but he looks like he is not even a year old. he is currently been put up for adoption by any willing and reliable family.

once, there was a family that wanted to adopt him so much even with his shortcoming. MB's father had heard of this but did not allow the adoption to take place. wanna know why?? simply because, the adopting family is of different religion from MB's family. what the hell is this right? MB's family clearly does not want him anymore hence he was given to the ward to be adopted. so this could be considered that anyone eligible, can adopt him right? isn't MB now under the consent of the hospital? why does MB's family not willing to let him go to some family who would love him regardless of his condition? why be a frigging hypocrit??

does it make MB's family more superior that they gave him away because he is not normal? what is wrong with the family that wanted to take him in? just different religion, that's it really.

you know what i think? i think MB's family is super selfish. they want things to go their way but they don't want to be responsible. it really hurts me to see MB stuck in the middle like this. let him be happy already.


nasz said...

juz wanna know..what's the mb's father religion???

redSeptember said...

i am sorry, i can't disclose it here. pm me if you want the answer.

Anonymous said...

i think u should have to understand..
its abou the religion of MB and its really a sensitive issue..

the hospital may have their own reasons