Saturday, March 22, 2008

the battle in me

i woke up today

with this question in my head: "who am i?"

my insides were having a battle against each other

particularly my muscle groups (MG) against my will (W)

W wanted to go for a morning run

mainly because, if it didn't it'll feel like wack

it'll feel all fat and down low

but MG were too lazy

MG were making loads, tonnes of excuses

and then came my conscious (C)

C said: "tell me the story"

MG said: i am farking lazy

W said (while crying): "i don't want to become fat again"

MG and W battle it out in the presence of C

my whole body was doing things

without giving a damn shaite about how I feel

it made me want to read this book....

damn it

i just remembered: i don't even have this book in my personal library


C made a final decision

"go run", it said

MG had to give in because W was bawling away

equipped with my radio mobile

and a whole load of will power

i ran

i was happy at first

but something was bothering me

even with my bandana which was giving me a tight band-like headache to keep the earpieces from running wild and falling out while i run

the earpieces of my radio mobile went against me

i look like an accident

not waiting to happen

but already happening


F/N: after about 45 running minutes, i felt so much better. W was damn happy and fresh. MG were complaining at first but after a while, they were happy too because they get to tone themselves rather than feeling sluggish.

moral: whatever excuse you make to yourself for not wanting to exercise, shove it up your @$$ and just go for it. it'll make you so much better for the whole day.

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