Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Flatulence is the presence of a mixture of gases in the digestive tract of mammals. Such a mixture of gases is known as flatus, and is expelled from the rectum in a process colloquially known as farting.
FLAGtus, on the other hand is an environmentally offensive object that is placed all over the face of the earth in Malaysia, once every 4 years, by all the competing parties' followers (more like people who don't know what they are doing, but for the sake of not being left out, they just go with the flow). these flags are hoisted on make-shift poles (made out of bamboos. they actually spend time to look for the bamboos. the time they spent to do that could actually be used to do better things, say for example....errrr.....help clean the congested rivers?), and placed at idealistic (NOT!) spots, such as the roadside, the bridges, the traffic light, and best of all the ELECTRIC CABLES!! (how DUMB can people be??).
see, every single day (and i am so not exagerrating) as i make my way to the hospital, i see more and more and MUCH more of there flags, posters and all those shaites hanging here and there. this gives me an eyesore, worse than that, it gives me a heartache. i am so damn ANGRY to see so much money and energy that goes to waste just for the sake of making people vote. think about it, the money that is used to print, to make flags, to travel, could be used to help the ppl that are really2 in need. or if it is too much, at least, fix the roads or the broken traffic lights, or support the realization of free clinics, and many more that need IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. and what happens with all these pin-ups after the election? i can BET a gazillion bucks that it will be left there to hand, to polute the drainage systems, to clog the rivers. no one will clean it up. what about those that are hanging on the electric cables? let them get struck by lightning and cause a major FIRE? it is the raining season after all.
i really wonder what goes thru the minds of these ppl? NOTHING, would be my best bet because they have nothing in between their ears to begin with.
i hate to get involved in all these meaningless shaites. whatever that is POLITICALLY CORRECT is ALWAYS WRONG in so many other ways. trust me.
go VOTE. it just makes life much more complicated.

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