Sunday, March 30, 2008

ancient going on childish

30th march, 2008: i went to the hospital today. all prepared if they were going to give me more shaites than what they had given me last thursday. i dressed as simple and as decent as i could.

i buttoned up my labcoat. made sure that my steth were in place. made sure that my ID was showing. made sure that i have all my instruments for examination of patients.

wore the right shoes (as long as it is covered right?). but then again, i saw many other staffs, doctors, students wearing sandals to the hosp. so, what is wrong with my shoes eh?

i was doing my usual clerking, looking for interesting cases, minding my own ass business. what i didn't know was S/N batuapi was on the lookout for me. watching me like a hawk. trying to find my fault. since i didn't dress wrongly (as according to her and mr. pelik) today, she was waiting anxiously for me to do something wrong.

i went to one patient and opened up his case sheet. i did this cause previously the MO told me to do so. he said, apart from clerking, you should also look at the case sheet and see what kind of management and investigations that were carried out for that particular patient. that is how you should learn. but S/N batuapi caught me there. from about 50m away, she said at the audible level (read: loud):

"siapa kasi tengok case sheet tu? tak boleh tengok tau. awak ni semua tahun berapa?"

then she started walking towards where i and my groupmates were standing. i walked away because i didn't want to listen to her rantings. she started talking to thin air as none of us were minding her at all. seriously, she looked like a crazed simian.

then, as she was still talking endlessly (i am pretty sure she has mouth diarrhea), i walked to my mate while she was clerking. i wanted to ask her a question, not to join her clerking that patient. but S/N batuapi still want to find fault.

"haaa...tak boleh nak clerk patient lebih dari seorang ye. kenapa nak clerk 2-3 orang ni?"

we just ignored her and i walked away after asking my mate the question. i passed S/N batuapi. she was still talking and it is pretty obvious that she wanted me to answer her. but i just let her talk. then another mate of mine asked: "apa hal ni?"

me (in an audible tone for S/N batuapi to hear): "she wants to talk, let her talk la"

*snicker snicker snicker*

the weird part was, when we looked at the case sheets, she told us off. but when the STUDENT NURSES looked at them, she didn't say a single word about it. everywhere i went, she was there to check on me but of course on the pretence to look at something else or to mind the student nurses. i kept on ignoring her.

after awhile, we went to the seminar room. about 15mins later, she burst in the room:

"pukul 11 nanti you all tak boleh guna bilik ni ye. kami nak guna"

me: "ermm... kalau kami nak letak barang dalam ni (cupboard) boleh ke?"

S/N batuapi: "barang takpe la. tapi bilik ni tak boleh guna"

weiirrrdddd..... the last time i remembered, she was furious when we placed our bags inside the cupboard, now it's ok??!?!?! about the seminar room, it is clear that the room is booked for us at certain hours, she HAS to use it la... for what i also not sure leyy.....

i guess she really is onto me. even my other grp mates could see this and they were the one telling me: "eh, she really nak cari pasal with you kan?"

haiiisshhhh..... GROW UP ALREADY!


Adzrul Ariff said...

Batuapi really sounds like a vulture who is aiming you as her prey... u know kan how vultures hovered around their dying preys...but unfortunately for her you're no prey. heheh.

as always, do what you do best. :) Gile gelak kat that line you said to your friend 'she wants to talk, let her talk la'. hilarious really. but it won't get through her much i think.

redSeptember said...

the operative was "dying". well... i am not dying, not to her words. i am so alive and kicking.

serious adz, dia mcm kena sampuk ke apa. boleh nampak from the corner of my eye. mana i go, she'll be there.

esok mr.pelik datang. ntah apa cerita la pulak

jes wait for esok's update lah ye... hehehe

seweng said...

hahaa...i think this story should be serialized...syok nih...

haiii susah...nak ignore susah,klu ikut sgt hati pun susah...lempang je minah tu,bior die tduduk je kat umah... :P

Mas said...


ermmm... ntah2 dier ader crush kat u tak??? make sure she is not a lesbian eh... :~p

redSeptember said...


tgk muka pun macam tak subur je. takpe la... makacih bebanyak jek :P

seweng, i don't believe in violence. *peace*

api mmg akan kalah pada air akhirnya....

sarah said...

biasela certain nurse jealous ngan medical students.. tak dapat jadik doctor, nak carik pasal ngan med students.. gelabah.

krakatoa said...

ni dah bukan kes jeles namanya. ni busuk hati!

betul la sarah, dia gelabah tak ingat!