Monday, March 17, 2008

Plastic, Very Crunchy ("waiter,could i have some PVC in my deep fried chicken please?")

i got this via email from Pott. interestingly, i actually took time to read this particular email. usually, anything from him will make me sleep halfway thru the subject of the email. but somehow, this particular one caught my attention. this is a cut-out-and-scan piece from NST, dated 29/2/08 (see, means this is something new, or is it?)

so, the news goes that the latest trend in making the ever loved and craved for malaysian snack (i.e: anything deep fried and sold by the roadside. read: artery clogging food) more crunchier and last that way longer, is to fry 'em up with oil that has been infused with PLASTIC aka PVC (polyvinyl carbon). gawwwsshhh!!! i wonder where did they get this "brialliant" idea from. i mean, even as a scientific person, i would never have thought that plastic could make food crunchier and at the same time, do not alter the taste of the food, let alone stopping the customers from coming back for more. there must be an incident somewhere or somehow that these vendors accidentally dropped a piece of plastic in the hot oil and when he took out the food that he was frying, he attempted to taste them or check for its consistency. to his surprise, it is much much more crunchier! voila! the new SECRET RECIPE of goreng-goreng (fried) stuffs! just add plastic and it's artery clogging good.

so now, what you'd be paying for is (no matter how cheap it is): food that has no beneficial nutritional value that'll fill you up for literally 45 mins and get you hungry all over again, satiety that lasts for barely 2seconds (that is why you are munching on it constantly), more padding under your skin (good news for the ones who want to look young, at least you don't have wrinkles yeah), clogged arteries that'll make you gasp for air, and the surprise......poisonous PVC in your system that could harm your immune system and reproduction (hey, think of it this way, you don't have to use RUBBER or PILLS.....just plastic!!). wooooaaa!!! this is so value for money (NOT!).

therefore, please, be EXTRA careful, better yet, stop eating all these junk. they ain't doing you any good in any way at all. if you ever caught these dumb asses putting plastic in their food, call the authorities immediately. if you get it on camera, that'll be even better.

do your part, save the others.

F/N:haven't this ignoramus heard of this thing called BREADCRUMBS or CORNFLAKES??? these could make 'em crunchy too you know....aiiiisssshhhhhh (-_-")

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djambu puadovich said...

tp PVC lg sng dpt n murah banding dgn emping jagung atau serdak roti...:P