Saturday, March 15, 2008

sorry, it's a FULL brain (literally!!)

couldn't believe that it actually happened to me. i read an e-mail regarding a date that i am supposed to attend. my brain chose to register that the date was today (15th march 2008). while i was in the bus, i had the nagging feeling that something was amiss, something was wrong. the feeling was too overwhelming that i had to check the email once again as soon as i reached home. to my shock and horror (i knew something was not right!!!), i got the date all mixed up! it was supposed to be for next week, but my FULL brain has deciphered it to be for today. gawshhh!!! ma's furious at me. tell me about it.... i am furious at myself!

how can this happen to me. i can't accept this. i better start compartmenting my thoughts. what i see is what i am supposed to be repeating. but it seems that i am not repeating what i see. i merely got it all jumbled up! i am afraid.....i am very afraid.

is this what has gotten into me?

i pray and hope to GOD it's not.

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