Friday, March 28, 2008

when life gives you mr. pelik, you make donno and become stronger

this was my whole get up when the STAFF NURSE commented on my way of dressing. which part of this is REVEALING??

March 26, 2008: Around 09:05 hours, while I was clerking a patient at bed 5 of ward K 1, Mr. pelik had come into the bay with the Medical Officers, Health Officers, Staff Nurses, and Student Nurses to make his routine ward round. As he entered, I backed away from my patient to give way to him and his team to do their work. When he came in and saw me, the first thing he said (obviously very loudly for everyone to hear) was:

“Kenapa diaorang ni pelik aa? Pakai macam ni. Awak ni mmg memalukan profession betul. Awak ni ingat nak pergi disco ke? Awak pergi balik sekarang. Balik, tukar baju lepas tu baru datang balik.Awak keluar dari wad saya sekarang."

I walked out of the bay without looking at him.

“Ey, ey, awak keluar sekarang. Saya tak nak tengok muka awak dalam wad ni”.

I went out of the ward. I told my friend to SMS me or miss call me when Mr. pelik leaves the ward. So, when he finally left, I went back in ward K 1 to continue clerking patients and obviously to learn because the aim of posting in the hospital is so that we, as medical students, learn from the patients. As I was walking into the ward, S/N batuapi was talking to a group of students from the JPA program. I walked pass the group to go to the bays. But I was stopped by S/N Batuapi. This was how the conversation went:

S/N Batuapi:“Doctor pelik tak kasi awak masuk kan? Awak keluar sekarang. Get out of my ward”.

My reply: “Saya nak cari group mates saya sekejap”.

S/N Batuapi: “I said, get out of my ward now”.

My reply: “Saya nak cari group mates saya”.

S/N batuapi: “Lepas tu terus keluar”.

This conversation occurred in front of the JPA program students.

my get up on 27/3/08.
March 27, 2008: I was clerking my patient in bay 1- 4 of ward K 1, when I heard the conversation between Mr. pelik and S/N Batuapi regarding my presence in the ward yesterday even after I was told to leave the ward because I was dressed “inappropriately” according to them (Mr. pelik and S/N Batuapi). I also heard them entering the next bay (bay 5-8) to do their routine round. I walked out of my bay as I had done my clerking. As soon I stepped out of my bay, S/N batuapi called me:

“Dik, dik. Mari sini. Doctor nak jumpa”

I went to bay 5-8 to see Mr. pelik. This was how the conversation went:

Mr. pelik: “Semalam kenapa awak masuk balik dalam wad ni? Kan ke saya dah halau awak semalam? Awak keluar sekarang”

Me: “saya masuk balik semalam sebab doctor kami buat discussion dengan kami”

Mr. pelik: “tapi saya dah halau awak kan? Kenapa nak masuk balik?”

Me: “saya datang sini nak belajar. Apa salah saya kali ni?”

Mr. pelik: “ hari ni saya nak denda awak sebab semalam. pakai nampak pusat semua. Keluar sekarang!”

Me: “mana ada nampak pusat. tapi saya tak buat apa-apa kan hari ni? Kenapa pula nak halau saya”

Mr. pelik: “ saya kata saya nampak, saya nampak la. awak faham tak apa saya cakap? Faham tak? Faham tak?! Apa, awak nak saya tulis surat kepada dean awak ke? Saya cakap keluar sekarang, keluar la. GET OUT OF MY WARD NOW!”

*most of the time, he wasn’t even looking at me directly.

I just stood there in front of him. He was screaming at me until even the other ward staffs and student who were at the other end of the ward came running to the scene to see what was happening. Everyone who was there were listening and watching the scene. Then S/N batuapi grabbed my left arm, held my arm tightly and pulled me away to the main door. I pulled back my arm and said :

“takpe, saya boleh jalan sendiri”.

She said rudely: “awak keluar ye. Doctor dah suruh awak keluar kan”.

Before reaching the main door, I stopped to go into the seminar room to take my bag. But S/N batuapi shoved and pushed me towards the main door. I told her that I wanted to take my bag. So we went to the seminar room.

S/N batuapi: “ambil beg awak, lepas tu keluar”

Me: “apa salah saya? Saya pakai elok je kan hari ni?”

S/N batuapi: “awak dah buat doctor marah. Awak jangan nak buat saya marah pulak ye. Kami ada hak nak halau awak”

Me: “apa salah saya?”

She could not give me an answer. Then she frantically searched for my bag. She didn’t see the bag and said:

S/N batuapi: “awak ni penipu kan? Mana ada beg sini”.

Me: “beg ada dalam almari”.

S/N batuapi: “siapa kasi awak kebenaran untuk guna almari ni? Doctor pelik kalau tau ni, awak kena marah. Nak guna almari kena minta kebenaran”

Me: “takkan nak letak beg di luar almari? Nanti bersepah, kena marah juga kan?”

After I took my beg and started walking out of the seminar room, she grabbed my arm again to bring me to the main door. I pulled away saying: “takpe, saya boleh jalan sendiri”.

She opened the main door and pushed me out. I just walked away. But she said:

“keluar dulu, nanti bila doctor dah reda, awak masuk balik. Tunggu kat ruang rehat”.

Now I am confused. Right just now, she told Mr. pelik that I entered the ward again after I was told to leave the ward yesterday, hence why he is asking me to leave again today, to teach me a lesson. Now, she is asking me to come in after he leaves. What is her intention exactly?
Tell me now, how do you rate the severity of this situation? am i wrong in any way?
F/N:i have been in the posting for almost 4 months now. before i entered this ward, i was in another ward with even a more particular doc. i wore the same things what i wore then. but the doc never commented on my clothing. so, what makes the difference now? and mind you, this doc in the other ward, is the HEAD OF DEPARTMENT.


a_Vioxx said...

Poor Alia..! Aku rs geram sgt bc post ni. I think maybe in the end, her subconcious mind felt sorry for u when she realised dat u weren't doing anything wrong dat day. Wut happen next? Did u return to the ward? (ceh, mcm cte bsiri plk)

Anonymous said...

doctor & nurse tuh dah "weng" agaknye....
huhu~~ dalam islam pun ade cara teguran yg baik~ bukan main tegur sampai memalukan dan melukakan perasaan~
this is not hikmah...

but alia, u rather think wisely.. mungkin ade hikmah disebaliknya...

redSeptember said...

that was what my friends said to me about her. either that, dia mmg pretend giler to suck up to him.

yes, i entered the ward balik walaupun it is so obvious that i had been crying. i entered with dignity because i wanted to learn. i shall not bow down to stupidity. my patient was looking at me and wondering what had happened. my doctor had that pity look upon me.

but i kept myself together, i participated actively in class, and i flashed my million dollar smile despite the fact my eyes were red and swollen.

nothing but GOD can take my passion away from learning.

berani kerana benar. takut kerana salah.

redSeptember said...

yes, mmg ada hikmah.

i believe that.

i became stronger and much wiser.

membuka keaiban orang tu kan ke berdosa.

my doa is, biarlah Allah SWT tunjukkan kan kebenaran pada mr. pelik and S/N batuapi. i don't doakan keburukan utk derang. it is not my judgement.

sarah said...

What doesnt kills only makes you stronger!.. sometimes people can be so uncivilized with unbelievable mentality. perhaps you have to fight back, but not in an antagonizing way. Show him the real meaning of "professional". Ish. Gila kampung!. Professional, he asked?. Judging from the way he talks, maybe he should tell that to him self. . Sorry to say. But YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG!

Anonymous said...

ku baca pun x senang hati... x patut buat macam tu... aigoo..

Idzlan said...

mayb certain doc xselesa d way u pkai baju to ward...klau ikutkan 2nd pic,yg wit white-pink stripe pant,for me,dgn baby T if i not mistaken,correct me if i wrong,ade probability yg akan menunjukkan mungkin sedikit bhgn perut,or pusat klau white coat tu x buttoned btul...mayb its true whats d doc saw...for me its not appropriate also...but i dont d important part is,xsesuai la cara doc tu tegor camtu...ade cara yg lebih berhemah lg tanpa meninggikan suara dan menyakiti hati org lain...

for all this time,do u think wat u done was all alright? myb xsdar kot perkara2 kecik yg wat kita jd bhn tumpuan,wlaupun sbnrny remeh belaka

nasz said...

trk la dr 2..but x pew..msti ada hikmah dia,,..dunbother bout it..juz study as it the 1st thing u must do..=)

redSeptember said...

"mayb certain doc xselesa d way u pkai baju to ward..."

~> saya dah jumpa dengan berapa banyak pakar and head of departments kat hospital ni, takde satu pun yang kecoh pasal apa yang saya pakai. i wear the same things over and over again. why this time round? why only me. ada budak lain datang pakai skirt nampak lutut, tak kena marah pun. apa salah saya? ada budak, datang pakai kasut funky2 tak kena marah juga.

"klau ikutkan 2nd pic,yg wit white-pink stripe pant,for me,dgn baby T if i not mistaken,correct me if i wrong,ade probability yg akan menunjukkan mungkin sedikit bhgn perut,or pusat klau white coat tu x buttoned btul..."

~>mmg saya tak button my labcoat because saya dah awal2 letak my steth and id tag. but i make sure that i am covered properly, as in i don't show any skin on my midriff. but if you were there, the way he said that he saw my "pusat" was without base. dia nak betul, walaupun benda tu tak jadi sebenarnya. sebab saya mmg make sure that i look right when he came in to do the ward rounds. i am conscious about my wear.

"mayb its true whats d doc saw...for me its not appropriate also...but i dont knw..."

~>kalau betul that the doc saw it, he could tell what he saw on my pusat because there is an obvious mark there that no one, even at one glance, can miss this mark. rasanya, kalau tanya, dia boleh jawap tak?

"tp d important part is,xsesuai la cara doc tu tegor camtu...ade cara yg lebih berhemah lg tanpa meninggikan suara dan menyakiti hati org lain..."

~>membuka keaiban orang tu berdosa.

**thanks anyways for your comment :)
tapi kan, kalau betul la saya melanggar the code of ethics of dressing up as a medical student in the government hospital, tentu awal2 lagi dari the guard post, they won't let me in kan? i am pretty sure that they were briefed as well about what is allowed and not allowed. but tak pernah lak kena tegur dari any1 else....pelik kan....

this is really funny

seweng said...

hi red...susah jgk kan...i think its no more about principle anymore,but something personal...ntah2 c s/n tuh jeles kot about something...mayb because u dah masuk tv,whereas dia still stuck in the ward...

apapa pun,there are things yg lebih bsar out there that should be taken care of,rather then pkr bende yg remeh2...after all,its not like u wore a bikini to the hospital rite?!

some ppl are just so annoying,it makes me sick...tgk diri tu kat cermin dulu,then talk...kan2...

redSeptember said...

hey seweng....
pasal masuk TV tu... saya tak tau la pulak kekekek

ntah is not a bed of roses, this is for sure.

kenapa kena physical with me kan?

chics said...

Hmm.. I assume the dr is malay?
assuming that most of the pekerja kerajaan have to wear baju kurung or decent baju, maybe that ticked him off.

Or maybe he's didn't get laid the night before and the nurse was just another ass kisser.

Yet then again, that's what you have to face when working with people who think their profession is so great and others are just like filthy turd.

But you are still nice, kalau aku dah kene maki dah kot S/N tu.

Sabar ajelah.

seweng said...

true chics...mentality of some ppl,kdg2 i can't comprehend...mnyusahkan!

red,bgs u mintak posting kat cni je lah...cni tu mana?cni la,sabah...kat cni ok sket...wakakaka...apapapun,on jerrr...

redSeptember said...

yes chics, both of them are malay. bukan nak kata apa kan, i am a malay myself. but i hope this type of mentality changes soon cause kalau tak, the malays shall stay stagnant (the spot of nowhere) for a long time coming.

takpe, kita jangan lawan api ngan api. kalau red maki dia, tentu lagi teruk nnt kan. mmg masa tu, red angry sangat that i was physically shaking. tak pernah la jadi macam ni...

iee.....i want! i want! red mmg tak pernah g sabah ni. mmg nak g sangat kalau ada peluang. kalau hospital staffs kat sabah ok, red pun ok aja untuk posting sana hehehe... bukannyer minta pun posting disini, tapi mmg dah ditetapkan.

keeping it kool, red.

DBI said...

nak my opinion pasal ni erk???

1. harrassment lebih teruk kalau dah jadi house officer- everybody has to face this...kalau dapat consultant malignant..lagi prepared ok..most will survive anyway..

2. medical student is the lowest rank of all..atas medical student is HO..atas HO tu ialah misi misi yang perasan...

3. pasal pakaian tu..yup..rasanya kurang sesuai untuk clinical work kat ward...still..pakaian yang orang pandang dulu..pesakit akan tak berapa nak respek kalau dressing sedikit over..personally, seluar dlama gambar satu tu too bright..gambar yang kedua tu nampak cam ketat sedikit...lagi teruk kalau u kerja kat luar pandai pandai lah nak berpakaian ikut kesesuaian tempat.

aliaa the pepsi freak said...

tension gile bace post ni..adoi la bengang pulak dgn si nurse tu..kenape la nurse2 kat malaysia ni sangke diorang tag team dgn dokter2 ni..heeee..

Jewelle Tan said...

Wow, it's a wonder you managed to control yourself in both situation. I'm sure it can considered a harassment as it was humiliating and I can only imagine how you feel at that time.

Adzrul Ariff said...

Adui...tension gak baca your entry Alia, maybe because I'll enter the work force myself soon.... as a HO, mmg the lowest of the hospital's food chain.

As for the dress...maybe you should say that Dr kat Russia selamba je pakai bra and longjohn underneath their white coat, haha. Dr. yg laki ada yg tak pakai baju lak lagi. It's true, don't know whether you've encountered them while you were here. Sure terbeliak si pelik and si batuapi kan?

I remembered my own experience kena tegur by dr. sebab tak pakai tie, but the dr. tegur dgn baik and tanya kat russia tak pakai formal ke pergi hospital..they don't know sini t-shirts and jeans pun a-ok! And then ada sorng lagi dr and ma mengumpat blkg....kata tgklah stdnt oversea, tak ikut code pakaian, rambut pjg etc etc etc.... buat bodo je la....tak makan gaji lagi pun. :P

Anyway, all the best to you and your posting.

redSeptember said...

tu la pasal....i think kat sini kan, especially yang kerajaan punya labour ppl,they have the mentality that appearance is blahdy everything. biarlah bergaya sakan, walau quality kerja macam bangang pun kan. i tgk grays, i tgk house, i tgk scrubs, ER, hell, the private practices here, macam selamba jek semua. tapi otak masing2 hebat! kerja semua lancar. takde apa pun. kat sini, wahh... tie la, baju batik la, berlakun sopan la, tatasusila right on par la, tapi bila kerja, ntah ke mana. hari tu, ada nurse buat kerja macam mana tau, dia pakaikan adult auto cuff kat budak umur 7 tahun, then she jalan2 cari paper la menda la. and the cuff wasn't reading well, so, habis biru tangan budak tu. the kid was in pain. the other encounter, nurse tu selamba je biarkan patient on the suto cuff while she keluar bay cari folder!

adz, kalau kena marah sebab edu, i mmg tak kisah punya. so i can make myself better. sebab macam ni.... ntah la

yeah, kat russia, selamba baba je. they even are the inventors of many medical revolutions kan. kat sini.....sendiri mau ingat la.

luaran does not reflect dalaman.

Seizhin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seizhin said...

I was laughing at the post.
Such a poor management, thanks for posting this, I'm also in a medical business in Thailand and will watch out for this kind of incident in the future.

I'll give you my opinion of the matter, but I apologize if you feel offended in anyway.

When you step foot on his ward, you have to follow by the doctor's rule, not the 'other' doctor's rule.

You have to know the rule of seniority and juniority.
He's older, and he considered himself more experience than you, thus telling him what his mistake straight at his face accomplishes nothing but doom.

Anyways, there are more to what I want to say, but I will keep it for myself. I hope things will improve.

Take care and be well always My'Lady.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaa~ yups. true enough. i mmg dah lama bengang ngan gov servants... and its true... even at ppum, they are like that... i mean those nurses, they think that they are the closes to the one particular Doc... macam secretary and boss... DUH!

whatever it is, Alia, u did nothing wrong... as long as u r wearing the medic coat and bring the necessary things that doc should be bringing... then everything is fine. (nih my father pernah bgtau kat i... sbb my father pun bengang gak nak kena pakai tie jer memanjang... last2 my father beli byk baju collar bulat tande protest... hehehee~)

Doc yg tegur u tuh mmg langsung tak professional... cara dier mmg tak beradab... tapi konon nak ajar org lain berpakaian beradab. dan apa yg dia tegur u pun salah or no point. next time u just buttoned up ur coat when u encounter that mr.pelik...

and right now, the only thing i can say is... its true that u have not done anything wrong... but for now, just hold ur tongue. hehe. sbb org mcm nih susah... dia tau dier ade kuasa lebih skit, so dia akan guna kuasa dier tuh utk jatuhkan u klu u lawan dier (by spreading words... see? he already threaten u with writing letter to dean...) so better stay away from this mr. lunatically pelik...

i am also facing nearly the same situation like u r facing right now... but i am fighting him off, because he is a nobody...:~p while u, u r fighting with a doc... hehehee... so i guess, u need to adjust abit to ur situation... dont fight now. wait till later later :~p

i pray u well. tlc. :~)

chaiyok! chaiyok!


postscript: mr.pelik tuh pakai aper? amik skit gmbr baju dier pastu post sini - blog.hehe.

aliaa the pepsi freak said...

haha and listen to this.i have something to share also. here in india, we, the foreigners actually kene pakai their baju tu..salwar kamees what they call it,baju panjang2,sluar punjabi tu and selendang tu..
haha adoi..nak tergelak pon first tu merungut2 gile kitorang,sini panas sume pastu baju tu lagi..adoi ..x lepas dh pg posting kene la tegur, perli dgn senior, doctor..sabar je.but, we all slmbe jugak pki biase2 pg hospital..lame2 pastu senior india pulak pakai mcm kitorang sume..pki jeans..ahaha.
but then there are always doctor yang tegur pasal dress code. ade one of my friend ni..she actually kene tegur dgn doctor unit lain pasal her dressing. she was pissed off la kan bcoz doctor unit dia pon tak tegur, lagi2 doctor unit dia tu HOD.
but ur story alia..apsal pulak ur dr.pelik tu nk buat follow up pasal ur dressing? nk denda2 pulak hari keesokannye..dh lepas tu dh la..

redSeptember said...


thanks for your comment. if you prefer to keep some to yourself, it is your choice ;)

gov servs ni kan, derang dah ada satu jenis mentality yang mmg takkan berubah kot: skema + poyo + berlahgak. pastu dia kata la budak private ni tak reti hormat orang. saper yang tak hormat saper kan?

aliaa the pepsi freak...
ntah la aliaa. dia ingat ni macam kisah labu labi kott. denda boleh brought forward punya. i rasa budak2 pun tak fikir macam ni kan?

the ectopy said...

I think you should always wear professional clothes while you are in the ward. For me, the stripy pants and the yellow shirt are inappropriate. What I know is, if you wear like that in the UK and in Penang General Hospital pun akan kena halau jugak. Tapi entahlah, maybe sistem dekat hospital you lain.
And I know dulu dulu (zaman saya), kalau nak pergi masuk UiTM pun tak boleh pakai baju pendek, kena tutup bontot.
So, my opinion is, kalau pergi kelas pun kena cover cover, apatah lagi kalau pergi hospital. It's a working environment so maybe kena pakai baju ala-ala baju kerja sikit.
Thank you.

nurul said...

kasarnyer cara doktor tu ckp

Anonymous said...

You sure have a preference for loud clothes! *grins*