Thursday, March 13, 2008

my (LOVE HATE) relationships

i was in the clinic the other day, waiting to be treated by a (really dumbass) doctor (seriously, i don't think he knows what he is doing. his mind seems to be somewhere else). i came in to see him a week ago for sore throat and one episode of fever. he gave me meds for running nose (WTF??), paracetamol, lozenges, and antibiotiocs. clearly, this did not work cause after 1 week, i am back to see him with similar probs plus, i am coughing now. and he did the same blahdy thing he did the first time i saw him (being stupid, really): meds that he gave me were for running nose (again, WTF??), fever (i told him i had no fever!!), new antibiotics, vit C, cough syrup, and he has the cheeck to say: "you'll be fine" sheeeesssshhhhhh...........!

while waiting for him to run his personal errands while on clinic duty, i looked around the clinic and i had my eyes set on one item and it gave me the idea to write this blog. so here goes.....

my LOVE HATE relationships.

i LOVE sleeping. it does so much good for your body and i know that i am in dire need of a GOOD sleep.
trouble is, i HATE the fact that i am suffering from insomnia. therefore, GOOD SLEEPING is so not on my daily agenda.

i LOVE cycling and i definately love this bike that i saw in the BMW showroom the other day. it was literally love at first sight.
i HATE it that i don't actually own one. i have to loan my fren's bike......:(

i'd LOVE to have the feeling of being in a relationship again.
i HATE that i am so damn afraid to jump into any because i hate the downs that'll sure be there in any relationship. but i suppose, i can learn how to handle things with care tho......

i LOVE chocolates! i am a CHOCOHOLIC (once upon a time ago)! i couldn't live without it! and then, i got, i went cold turkey. no more chocies for me.....i am currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms even after 3 years of quitting chocolate.

i HATE that chocs make you FAT!!!arrrrrggghhhhh!!!! why God??? WHY????

i LOVE to wait for the WAKEUP YOUR BRAIN jig on . i know i have the answer.

i HATE it that they don't take my calls!!! i have been dialing since MONDAY! pick up la wei!!!

but i guess, my ultimate LOVE HATE relationship (that actually gave me the idea to write this blog) would be:

what else shall i say?

the weighing machine: can't live without it, can't stand to be on it.

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