Saturday, March 22, 2008

KCK ......thank GOD for lutfi! we WON!

ok....i can't actually talk much about what this is all about. but definitely, this is something worth waiting for (in the TV i mean). really fun, funny, and yeah.... for the first round....the BLING team (lutfi and i) won!!! weeeeee.......!
so, this is the pixies of the experience and feeling (read: SUPER HAPPY!!) of the day.

rainy day. while waiting for other contestants, i filled in the release form.

up to do hair and makeup. aiyarrrkkk.... why la my face so blahdy fair one?? like kena tekap with tepung gomak je...!

reading the recipe. talking with the opponent. trying my best to remember the ingreds. gawsh!!! i am so bad at following recipes.

we weren't allowed to take any pixies while the recording was going on. but it was dead FUNNY and exciting. just wait for it to air la yeah!
post recording. waiting to be on the chopping board (read: judged). excitement overcame the kan cheongness that we were having.

the winning dish. may lack in presentation. but definitely tastes GOOD! thanks to lutfi. if he can cook, anyone can!! ehhehe

serving my partner and his friend (aiyarrkkk...didn't get his name) the WINNING dish.

family, friends, contestants, hosts, judges savouring the food that were prepared. clearly, i was asking fabes to have more of the mee. he said it was not bad. as everyone else said too. even the judges ate seconds and thirds....especially AMBER CHIA!! woot! woot!

the WINNING team and the WINNING dish with the 2 funny and uber kool hosts: PHAT FABES & RINA.

me. still serving.

finally, i got the courage to try the food. not because i am afraid that it is not nice, i was sure it was nice. but i am afraid to eat high calorie food. but for this, i took 3 slivers of mee and tried. yeah, it was nice. no wonder the judges liked it.

chef zam, amber chia, me. whatelse am i doing right? camwhorring le.


~mista [s.h.a.n.d.y.e]~ said...

chef zam do looked slimmer. so the rumors that he was on a strict secret diet was true then.


nice blog you are having here... lalalal...

i would definitely come again...

redSeptember said...

ermmm....more like he went for a gastric bypass (as told by my sister). but i guess, he does follow a strict diet too... i didn't recognize him initially. all in all, he is sooooo adorable!

thanks for the compliment! drop by anytime you wish and spread the word! ehhehehe