Saturday, March 15, 2008

this day just got weirder

as i have mentioned in my previous post, my head's so jumbled, i can't even get some things right. i guess, i am ok now. neway, i wanted to go back today to be able to attend hospotal tomorrow. i told mama of my plan and rather quickly, pack back my belongings, got ready and rushed out. first, i went to duta to swap tkts, but to my dismay, the whole day's full and the only available ones are those that you can never rely on exactly what time do they depart and arrive at the designated destination. then, i made a bold move to get train tkts instead. went to sentral and the same goes. they are all out for today. i was really pissed with myself and i was sad to have this happen to me today. so, i stick with the original plan: i am leaving tomorrow (but i'll be back pretty soon !!! )
so, we (my fren and i) decided to hang out for abit. since we have nothing to do, i decided that i wanted to go to the comp mall in KL to look for MCF (highly addictive game!!) and antivirus program. on the way, i saw a guy lying down by the road, looking really grim and in pain. he was surrounded by stares and some ppl who were (not really) helping him. i got down and went to his aid. seems that he broke his leg (again) and he was down waiting for a blahdy ambulance for the past 10mins. i asked around if they had call any and they said that they did. ambulance are for emergency right? it took them so long to attend to this matter that i made the call myself and start screaming at the operator about this matter. she said the ambulance was on the way (yeah, right) and that they'd be there in 5mins (hours, more like). after about 10mins more, the ambulance finally came and took the man away. i offered my assistance if he needed any but he was ok since his mother was there with him. i was glad that in some way, i could lend a helping hand.

then, we finally went to the comp mall to look for my stuffs. along the way, there was a line and i was damn curious of what it was all about. so i inquired and found out that it was a lucky draw (happy! happy!). so, i got in line (knowing that i am not gonna get the GRAND prize anyway). at that hour, they were giving away shirts and mousepads as the lucky dip. i was praying hard that i won't get the mousepad. lucky, lucky me. i got the shirt instead!! it says: SHOCK YOUR TIME.

prize in hand, i walked round to get those programmes. i was so wondering which floor they were on. when asked, i was shocked to find out that they don't sell the CDs no more as they were raided about half a year back (gawsh!!! i have to go out more often!). (-_-")

am i lucky? am i not? you tell me.... weirded out!

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