Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Fly Fm?"

aiyaaarrkkkk! i have been trying for this cash call since before they officially started. i was so bloody doped on tuesday morning when i texted them and i got a call immediately after that. eagerly, i answerd "fly fm" instead of my usual half-hearted "hello". i was hoping and wishing hard that i won something. all my rainbows were gone when it was the pagi show's producer called up just to give me a "test run". haaaaiiiishhhh.... don't play play lorrr.... i got heartbroken already la like this....i got STUMPED (first episode).

then today, i answered "fly fm?" (see this time got question mark cause i was doubtful that they'd call me). my bubble that was half blown was busted yet again when it wasn't the cash caller that called me. it was the kam cheong people calling me about the change in my call time. haiiiyahhh..... *cry cry cry* STUMPED (second episode)

please la FLY fm.... call me for the cash call thing. you know my number and i really answer my fon with "fly fm". my friends seriously think that i am working with the station already cause of this.

this is what my imaginary fortune cookie read today. i am still actively texting in for the cash call. CALL ME ALREADY, FLY FM!!!
I am WAITING like mad here.....(@_@)

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