Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parking wars

Recently there are many articles in the local newspaper about people ranting on cars that are double parked and blocking their path. Some cars are seen parked in alleys where they shouldn't be. Some, the more daring ones, are parked right underneath the sign "No parking".

Yes, with the increasing number of drivers and cars today, there is no wonder that this is the current problem that is faced by all drivers, me included. I just can't stand double parkers. They get on my nerves and I wish I have a long metal stick with a pointed end so that I can scratch those cars from the comfort of my driver's seat, while driving pass the double parkers.

But then again, I don't blame them as much either. With people that are parking like this:

living in the country and also fruit sellers that think they pay for the parking spot where a car should be parked, like this:

and the cost of parking in a proper parking space is way too absurd to be fathomed:

the only thing I can say is, more power to the double parkers and don't be surprised if I join the bandwagon


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