Thursday, July 1, 2010

When you test my patience.....

.... your picture ends up here and i diss you through and through.

This car belongs to an egoistic bitch (no, the egoistic bitch is not me). She thinks she owns the road and she road raged me and bullied me into a tight wedge between her and another car. In actual fact, she was behind me in the queue of cars but I guess she must be in such a hurry to kiss ass, therefore she became real bitchy while she was on the road.

This is an egoistic, know-nothing bitch that works in the exams department of KDU in Damansara.

No she does not own the car above. Maybe she does not own a car because they don't pay her well, therefore she becomes bitchy.

Or maybe, she does own a car, the kind that bitches drive.

There. My anger's all gone (^_^)y

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