Friday, July 9, 2010

How would you like your octopus?

Who doesn't know Oracle Paul. He has become famous for predicting six of the World Cup 2010 games correctly and all consecutively on the spot. According to mathematicians, the probability to be predicting 6 games correctly consecutively is less than 0.5%. How amazing is Oracle Paul?!?

Actually Oracle Paul has been doing this predicting stunt since the Euro Cup in 2008 where he got 4 out of his 6 predictions right. How he does it is pretty simple. His handlers will place 2 boxes that has the same type of mussel in each of the boxes, into his tank. Each boxes is also clad with the flag of the teams that are competing. Then, Oracle Paul will pick the box of which he predicts will win the game. Simple as that.

Oracle Paul wasn't born in Germany, but he is currently residing there. Germans love him to bits when he predicted their wins against Argentina, England, and Ghana. But now, instead of love, Oracle Paul is receiving death treats from the Germans when he correctly predicted that Spain to win the last game. The Germans urged the Oberhausen Aquarium to kill Oracle Paul and serve him in the restaurant.

Not only that, the Argentines also do not fall short from wanting to kill Oracle Paul. They even had the hope to one day kidnap him from his tank, kill him, cook him and then serve him with potatoes. All this hate was because Oracle Paul had predicted Germany to win over Argentina in their last game.

Today, Oracle Paul, under much demand, has predicted that the Germans will win third place and that the Spaniards will take home the Cup this year. Oracle Paul has yet to receive death treats from Uruguay and Netherlands for his predictions.

Anyway, I was just thinking, if every football enthusiast is too busy depending on Oracle Paul to know who will win any game, I guess World Cup 2014 will not take place in where it is supposed to be but instead, fans will be overflowing in the Oberhausen Aquarium, waiting on the edge of their seats for Oracle Paul's predictions, while top chefs from each of the loosing country will be ready with a menu all consisting of Oracle Paul's remains, once they get their hands on him.

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