Saturday, August 29, 2009

under the rain (part II)

as i stared at her, motionless at first, then finally coming to when we called her, my mind went blank. yes, my mind just went blank. i talked to her, told her to stay put and closed the car door. took out my phone and the first person that i called was mama, the wings that i can never be away from.

i couldn't control myself. i was panicking, i know, i shouldn't have. i thought i was talking, but instead, she said that i was blabbering incoherent sentences that she can't understand. i didn't even realize i was doing that. i was standing under the rain, with only a layer or clothing on my back. i didn't bring any clothes with me,as i was going home. as i was pacing back and forth down the stretch of the road, the chill hit my bones. 2 of the other passengers were with me, under the rain. one of them went back in the car, one of them stayed with me.

onlookers started gathering at the side of the road. some helping, some giving ideas, some handling the traffic, most of them, they are just there, doing what they do best, ONLOOKING. we tried to call for an ambulance and also the police. as the phone lines got busy, i saw a police on his bike. i was waving frantically for him to stop, but he didn't. mama had told me to call 999, which i did. i told them exactly where we were and i thought, i seriously thought that they are going to call in the nearest ambulance and send one to us, but instead, this was what i heard....

"hold on ya miss, i am putting you through to the ambulance"


i waited a good 5 mins on the phone. no ambulance!!! i hung up. the onlookers called for an ambulance. my friends are still in the car, trying to make sure that she is as comfortable as she can. we called our ortho doc, they called their parents, called their people to tell them of the situation and to come and fetch them. i was looking for the PLUS emergency phone booth. i even wanted to run the stretch to make the emergency phone call. but there was no sign anywhere that says that the booth is anywhere near. so, i stayed put. urging the onlookers to help call as many ambulance as they can and wait for the very first to come.

i stood under the rain. scared. cold. guilt-ridden. the perfect cocktail of misery. mama keeps on calling to calm me down. WYY came and hugged me. SL did the same. but my panic was adamant. it stayed put. it didn't want to budge. although my mind was blank to think of the right things to do at that moment, the images of the split-second incident still ran clear like a frame-by-frame movie stills.

as i was waiting under the rain and intermittently checking on her, more and more onlookers parked themselves by the road. the rain got heavier. i got colder, all drenched with rainwater. my fren loaned me his jacket, which helped to wan off the cold that was biting my bones. the wait for the ambulance seemed so long. the tow people were already around to help.

as soon as the police arrived (God knows who called them), something else happened, all in the span of about 30mins from the time our accident occured.



Lang Legar said...

Red are you OK? any injury or any sort?

arul said...

hey gal..hw ru..i noe tat u hav nt recovered frm de incident yt..n its nt tat easy as v matter wat we r alwiz ter 4 u..b

ASJ said...

gal hope u r fine..
hope to see u soon as happy as ever..
chillex, i guess thats not the right thing to say but be strong we wil be there 4u as Arul said..
Take care dear....

redSeptember said...

@ lang: still trying to be stable emotinally

@ arul: thanks babe

@ saras: it'll take sometime, but i'll get there, insya'Allah