Monday, August 24, 2009

from a grandpa to a grandson

grandson: "grandpa, were you a hero in the war?"

grandpa: "no, grandpa wasn't a hero, boy. but i served in a company of heroes"

Major Richard 'Dick' Winters
Band of Brothers

P/s: i strongly recommend watching this original HBO series. i have watched it close to 7 times, the whole series, and yet, i always feel the emotions at the end of the series.


razifembi said...

cita lama ... tapi terbeli dvd yang hampehhh ...

audio n visual lari ...

terus tak tengok BOB nihh ..

kawan2 cakap besttt!!

apei said...

ada cd? pinjam..

redSeptember said...

@ razifembi: super ok!!

@ apei: ceq takde CD, but i have the whole 10 episodes on download version. clear macam DVD. hang nak ka?

Lang Legar said...

baru nak donlot..
hear that it was good but always forgot to donlot it..