Sunday, August 30, 2009

the second coming (part III)

i was still standing in the rain. i saw the police running from the other side of the road. i turned my back away from them, facing the divider that i hit. staring at it, wondering all the "what if"s. then suddenly....


another accident occured, just about 20m away from where we were. a bus hit a car perpendicularly on the driver's side. we were all in shock, me, my frens, the onlookers, everyone. the traffic was building up. still no sign of the ambulance. people got busy. some trying to held the other victims of the second accident, some trying to mobilize the passengers of the bus to another bus, some trying to manage the traffic. i was just there, looking, staring at the whole incident. it is like i was in a movie, where all these accidents are done by stuntmen, well-coordinated and no injuries. but this is not a movie, this was real.

the traffic got slower, more and more incoming vehicles clogging the highway. the sound of an ambulance could now be heard. but of course, it took some time for them to reach us. as soon as the ambulance came, we alerted the paramedics that she had sustained a broken clavicle. the paramedic made a triangular sling and put it on her. we took her out of the car and moved her to the ambulance. unloaded our belongings from the car and some of went with her, some of us went with the other car that was there to help me through this.

on the way to the hospital, i looked ahead, not blinking at all. even the tow-guy was trying to talk to me. i remained silent. still in shock. as soon as we reached the hospital, everyone registered to get themselves checked, except for me, i went to a quiet corner and waited for mama's call. as soon as i heard her angelic voice again, i cried.

~there's always a silver lining in each cloud. we must learn to see it~

it is 3 days post accident. i am getting more stabilized emotionally. my body aches because of the accident and i am running an intermittent fever due to the cold.

i should be ok, insya'Allah.

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CHEDEM said...

What a rough day you had.
I've being through an accidents before.
In a car that being drove by my father.
In a car that I myself drove and all of the passenger is my sibling.
And of course while riding my motorcycle at Penang.

Alhamdulillah nothing so bad happen to you and your friends.

Be strong dear, Allah tested you.