Monday, August 31, 2009

thank you roz, kings, and jenna

yesterday, i was invited by these 3 lovely ronggengs of mine to go to a meet, where young muslims gather and talk about anything and everything. roz and i were late to arrive, jenna and kings got there first. as soon as we arrived, asar was done while waiting for the others to come. right before we head for downstairs, roz said to me:

"alia, you should be thankful that nothing major happened to any of you during the accident. you should thank Allah that you are still alive. you should think, why Allah still wants you to live. what is it that you must do, what is your task as a khalifah. think about it alia and just be thankful. everything has it's hikamah"

we went downsstairs to see more people had joined us for the meet. yes, the guy sitting on the chair is an ustaz, he really does not look like one.... :). we were talking abd discussing about surahs in the Qur'an and about being a khalifah in this world.

i learned something during the meet and i thank God that i attended it.

reading surah Al-Kahf (XVIII) will calm your emotions when you are troubled by something. as soon as i can, i will read it. i need to be calm, i need to let it go but not forget it, as this is a lesson for me.



djambu puadovich said...

as i have said, it's good for the emotion :)

lg pun bulan puasa kn. bulan beramal ibadat.

AZANI said...

did you met with an accident?
syukur alhamdulillah you selamat.