Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to lose a client in one sentence

I must admit, I am a sucker for anything that is either free or on promotion.

So I was watching Astro and then I saw that New York Skin Solutions was doing a promotion. They ask us to SMS our name and we will get a free treatment. Of course I want it. The active word there is FREE! So, I SMSed my name and waited for their call. Eventually they did call me and we set up an appointment for me today.

Happily, I went there. It was a really good facial treatment, I could really see the difference. And of course, nothing is ACTUALLY free in this world. After my session, the supervisor was coaxing me into paying for further treatments and stuffs. Even gave me a students' price and package. I was really roped into taking the offer but obviously, as someone who is currently not earning for herself, I need to consult Ma, who will undoubtedly be paying :P

And that Bitch of a consultant, I think her name is Stacy, this was what she said to me: "Why you have to ask your mother. You cannot make decision on your own is it?"

Hey Bitch, I am not earning and she is paying for my life right now. Unless you want to pay for me, then you can say that. Or else, shut that fake face of yours.

New York Skin Solutions at the Curve has no manners at all and no customer satisfaction!

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