Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I was driving on the way back from hospital today after a long rather busy day and I rolled down the windows and blasted the radio on, just to release some steam. As usual, the stations are always full of blahs rather than real music that could sooth a soul.
But I kept my patience for the songs to be finally played after some time.

At one point, one of the local radio stations were reading out some of the highlights of the news today. I don't usually listen to news, neither do I to those snippets. But one particular topic seemed to have catch my attention, although I was on the verge of slipping into a coma while listening to the snippets.

Apparently, according to some Malay Language Office (or whatever), it is RUDE to call your superior that you work with in the office, "BOSS". So, what do you address that particular person as actually?

Your Highness, perhaps?

Mental note: start calling my specialist DUDE, from tomorrow on (and see how far does that bring me, eh?)

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initiation said...

akak, da kerja mana skrg? posting mana? all the best..=)