Thursday, June 10, 2010

No wonder you are lonely.

Have you wonder why people just don't acknowledge your presence anymore? Do you ever feel that people just don't love you as much as when you a bubbly little girl who will just snuggle up to anyone for comfort.

Please don't wonder anymore. Because it is clear that people didn't change, but you did. You became oblivious what does living in a community means. You think your friends are there and that is enough. But do think again. They might be around just because you are living the life, and not because they truly want to be your friend.

Anyway, what were you thinking when you were caught up in your own world, listening to God knows what, while everyone else, even the younger ones were wishing for only good things to happen? Oh, let me guess. You must think it is cool do be hooked on your gadget that, by the way, everyone else has it too. Or you might think it is cute and adorable to be the odd one out?

Dude, you are so damn rude, I could easily find your name under the definition of RUDE.

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