Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are here for you....

To get the news last night, was like jumping in ice cold water. A shock that can't be settled, a news that can't be fathom, a life that is changed forever.

No wonder you have been quiet lately. No wonder you have not been as cheery as you were before. I thought you were tired. I thought you have changed, morphed into a different person living in your own cocoon. OMG, I am so wrong.

Now that I know you are carrying a heavy burden on your shoulders, I feel bad for thinking the thoughts that had no evidence. I am sorry. But don't you worry, we are all here for you, praying for you, willing for you to recover as soon as the next sunrise.

We love you and hope that our love is enough to keep you strong to go through this.

As the late MJ would say, and I quote: "You are not alone"

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