Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who are we to judge?

"Buat baik biar selalu, buat jahat jangan sekali"

Recently, I got an opportunity to join the Soup Kitchen organized by YMP and Pertiwi. I volunteered myself as a helper in giving out food to the homeless around some specific points in KL. The task wasn't that hard, but what the eyes see, is rather unbearable.

I am one of the lucky people to have a roof over my head and food whenever i need them. So, when I see the homeless, sleeping along the corridor, my heart just goes out to them. Although you might see them all dressed up, clad in clean clothes, carrying handbags and all, yet, they are homeless, and definitely in need of food.

Of course, they are not all locals. There are also foreigners that come around to get food from us. I don't blame them. Having traveled very far from homeland, they might have been conned or something, and now they are stranded and without a single cent in their pockets, what can they do for food?

Yes, you might day, these people, some of them look well and fit enough to work. But the stigma that is overwhelming our community is that these people might be drug addicts, prostitutes, they might be HIV positive, they might steal from you and all, therefore, they are not hired for work, any work at all. It is not that they don't want to work. Some of them really do, it is just that they weren't given the chance

It is unfair for us to judge them. They are in need of help and we should help. Just imagine, God forbids, if one day this kind of things happen to us, who will help us? Who can we depend on?

So, as long as we can help, just do that, help.

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