Thursday, January 15, 2009

Malays Forget Easily

i don't usually read this kind of book. but because i was really curious and i was in a hurry to grab something to keep me company for my train ride back to SP the other day, this was the first that found its way into my bag.

ok, so this book was published more than 8 years ago and, yeah, i am so damn backwards to be reading it now. but i beg to differ.

this book is composed based on the compilation of speeches and talks that were addressed by our former prime minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. although it is based on many parts, the way it was written was very fluid that one section will immediately follow suite with the next section. and some were repeated, not because there weren't enough matters to write about, but more like a reminder.

so, we all know that i am not politically inclined. why am i reading this? as i said, i am a curious person, and i wanted to know exactly why malays forget easily. which is, by the way, rather evident among most (not all) malays nowadays.

hate me all you want, but whatever that is written in here, regarding the ways that malays forget and why they forget, i agree with. because it is true and i have the almost the same opinion. i mean, i have been discussing some of the matters written in this book with my friends, not knowing that there are people out there who share the same thoughts.

i finished reading it in slightly over an hour. it is not a put-downer (for me). infact, it woke me up. i don't want to be the malay that forgets.

i think you should read it too. it is rather intriguing.

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