Thursday, January 29, 2009

"love transcends all differences"

i took that quote right out of Zuba from M:ETA.

i was walking around in MV yesterday with my cousins and sister when i stumbled upon this particular "couple" of guys. they were just walking normally like any other 2 guys would when suddenly, one of them armed the shoulder of the other. i thought maybe it was just a friendly gesture. but when the gesture was too long to be friendly and too delicate to be manly, i knew that it ain't the case of friends. it is the case of love. i managed to silently snap this while i was walking behind them.

usually, we tend to see "couples" that are actually girl and girl. but to see a male couple walking around like this, it seems odd to me, especially here in Malaysia. well, i have seen many of course. definitely not here. and while i was browsing the net, i also came across this little picture. i dare not say that these 2 pretty young lads are a couple or not. but you go ahead and be the judge.

seriously, i have no qualms of homos. i know it is religeously wrong. but who am i to say that these people will burn in hell or what. that is between them and God the Almighty. i couldn't be the judge of that.

to me, life has to be as simple as possible. it is complicated enough that it does not need more hate to turn it into a massive blend of despair. let love thrive in these times of sadness. let love heal. if people are happy and there are in not in my way, let them be. why should i be the bubble popper eh?

i am not for homos, neither am i hating it. it does not involve me and as i said, i am not the judge, God is.

i believe that people can change for the better.

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