Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Theorem Aliagoras

based on personal accounts, i have come up with a theory about monkeys. their behavioral state has been confirmed today.

From Drop Box


equals to crazy monkeys. seriously, no kidding. they are so crazy that i didn't even make it to the park. i was ATTACKED while i was jogging my way to the park, and i was just running, didn't even disturb them.

they are so effing crazy that because of their recklessness, one of them got hit by an SUV and it still could run to the other side of the road, pretending like nothing happened.

they are damn crazy that i had to take a detour and missed my routine jog in the park.

i guess the rain does not affect human moods only. it affects them monkeys too!

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Peeps said...

tak abih lagi pasal monyet ni..hahaa