Sunday, January 25, 2009

goodbye home, hello disaster.

do you know anyone that ran away from home? or had the intention but never did? or are actually planning and saving up to run away? or yourself? i think most of us can testify that we actually know one or two or more persons that are categorized as above. maybe our ownselves, but are just to shy to admit it. i know quite a number of people who are actually into this running away from home thing. some of which had actually done it, some, still contemplating of how to go about doing it.

as for me, i have never thought of it.

why do people run away from home actually? is it because of the stress that the family has on that person? is it because that the person is in love and wants to run away with its partner? is it because to seek attention? is it because it is an adventure for the thrill seekers? or is it because of a fight that escalated into running away as the best solution? the answer is always multiple. a combination of events that finally causes the person to run away. never a sole reason.

many associate running away with teenage girls. yes, the majority of them are girls. but hey, lets not be sexist here right. girls are more emotional, girls are full of drama, girls cannot handle the real world, girls are begging for attention. not really. i know some guys who ran away from home too. see, ran, meaning that it had already occured. yeah, the minority of these pacesetters of running away from home are guys. we just have to accept that as a fact.

i once knew this guy, who ran away from home because he had a terrible fall out between himself and the family. i was in contact with jim and wondered what happened to him, where he went, how is he surviving. see, jim was just shy of 19 years old maybe, when he ran away. it was sad to know that jim could actually up and leave his family, who were dead worried about him. i couldn't talk to jim's family,i was trusted not to. so i couldn't tell them his whereabouts. jim left home for about a week, and then he finally went back. wow, talk about drama! and when i asked him where he went, it wasn't that far. he was just bunking with another family member. wouldn't it be easier if he just solved the problem in the first place?

then there is dania. she's is a junior of mine. not too close actually. i knew her through her sister. dania is a divorcee, a very young divorcee. you know, getting married for the fun of it. now, she has a bf, and she is living with him in KL because she is in training to be an air hostess. she's very well known as a drama queen. it is not right for her to live with her bf but her family can't stop her from doing so. when she goes back to her home up north and brings her bf around, they stay together in the same room. her mum can't reprimand her anymore, in fear that she might run away and never come back. see, it is weird ain't it? her mum has no say anymore, no control, because she is afraid of the daughter that threatens to run away. imagine that, running away from home can now be used as an emotional weapon!

candice ran away from home too, but for a few hours only. God, that is funny. reason for her running away was because she did not do well in her studies and she was afraid to be lectured by her parents. she got her results, she didn't think she wants to hear her parents' thoughts, she decided to just disappear. but lucky for her, she had a friend who has a mum who talked her into going back home and facing the truth. so, after much consoling, candice went home. her parents were so afraid to say anything to her about her results and instead, gave in to her every needs. now, is that a smart thing to do on the parents' side? wouldn't that just give candice another redemption coupon to run away again if she didn't do well in the future?

they think it is funny to run away from home. they think they'll get all the freedom they want. they think it is better to be out of the house, to be independent. but the reality is, the world is not a safe place anymore. there are many kinds of dangers out there. dangers that come wrapped in sweet talks and humble gestures. and once they realize that they are in too deep, it is too late. for those who managed to return back home, they are traumatized by the situation that they have endured. for those who are still stuck away from home, they regret for ever leaving.

why can't the problem be rationalized and solved before deciding to leave? is the love between you and your partner, greater than your family's love? is the hate that you have for your family worse than hating the devil? is the reality of the situation so hard to stomach? what is it? tell me buddy....

next time, if you decide or plan to run, think again. is it really worth your future?

come run with me, at least we could burn some calories, eh?

*names are so made-up, and you know why.

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