Thursday, January 8, 2009

T - 2: REd needs Y.O.U

i was listening to Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah giving his 5mins motivational talk on he was saying that people need to know that they are needed. they'll feel appreciated and we will make their life better by making them happy. he also mentioned that we can never believe that we are great because of our own doings, instead, we are great because others make us great. others tell us that we are great and we musn't be such a snob to people that are around us. in conclusion he reminded us to tell the people around us that we need them.

so, here goes, my personal list of 'I need Y.O.U'.....

-i need MAMA for decisions that i can't make in case of doubt, advises, moolahs (*hugs), shopping trip to those 'weird' places, steam fish, love, care.
-i need SHAD so that he could always agree with mama (she is always right), and that'll make her happy. when she's happy, i am safe :P
-i need YAH so that she could tell me what a b!+ch i haf been to her, and of course for free passes to fitness first.
-i need NANA for all those cute cute things, creative arts, gossips, music, fashion, quick cooking.
-i need POTT to tell me anything and everything regarding cars, computers, internet
-i need KINGS to be there all the time for me to tell her stories of my life and to remind me of what a wonderful friend she is
-i need AIN to laugh with me about every single thing
-i need JO-EE for the crazy adventures, cooking, running, competing
-i need DJAMBU to tell me more about martial arts
-i need PEEPS to paint more wonderful artworks and name them after me (ngeee....!)
-i need ATHENA to update me on the latest make-up product
-i need SARAS to tell me that i am crazy
-i need ZULIS to talk to me when i am alone in the mornings

the list of people that i need will go on till oblivion if i were to continue.

but most of all i need Y.O.U, my readers, to keep me going ;)


Shafie said...

kan best kalau ade org need me too :)

Peeps said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... :P

Anonymous said...

I'm so touched..
ada gak nama aku..
by the way, i'm ur new blog fan now=)

redSeptember said...

ermmm... ano, siapakah anda?

blogfan? jadi le follower saya ;)