Friday, January 16, 2009


currently: i am working as a doctor in training, doing my clinical years.

wishing: to become a world reknown chef

i am better off: being a GPS, yes a SYSTEM, because i can give you the shortest route to the desired destination, and my memory for directions is something that i am proud of.

secretly: i want to be a firefighter or a US costal guard (after watching 'The Guardian') because i think they have the most awesome jobs!

once: i nearly became an air hostess. but because i was not very confident during the interview SIA didn't take me in.

i have: worked as a cafe crew before, pulling a 14hours shift during merdeka eve. it was crazy, but it was an experience that i learn from. i have also become an english and math tutor at a learning center for kids from pre-school up to form 5.

i had: tried my hands on designing. i designed some of my baju raya when i was in high school, and also kept a book full of sketches of clothes when i was in primary school. i also do creative designing for handmade cards, fonts, or just free designs.

i am interested in: paranormal activities and hope that i can work with a reliable paranormal hunting team, in the near future.

no, i am not confused. i just prefer multitasking.


axim said...





F.A.Z.R.U.L.L.S said...

Wahh.. all the coolest job.. that i never do... !!

Lang Legar said...

hehe i too do wanna be a coastal guard after watching the guardian..
and also a jet fighter pilot after watching Top Gun hoho..