Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i just got out of a maximum security prison

... no, really, i did. it was a terrible experience that i hope and pray that no one has to go through. it was so damaging that i vow not to go there anymore. i'll be a good civilian and pay all my respects and dues. i shall not go against the law even if the law was against me.

so, what did i do?

i went to visit my brother, his wife, and his cats at his home in Palm Springs.

we went there at about 2045 hours but only at about 2105 hours that my brother showed up at the entrance so that we can gain access into the compounds. actually, I wanted, and suggested that we park the car outside and make our way pass the guardpost, on foot. but no, he wants to bring the car in and park it near his car. fine, whatever, it is your house, i can't say anything, you know the system better than me.

so, he drove the car pass the guardpost using his access card. the lever does not rise. he called the guard and told the guard to let us in, but the guard was reluctant. he was questioning us as if we were smuggling 2kgs of coke into the premises. even after all that conversation, he didn't allow us in. instead, he told us to go to the other guardpost and try to enter from there. fine, we went to the other post and the same thing recurred. tension in the air was so thick that you could cut it with a blunt knife. after much haggling and screaming, we were finally let in.

passed first post.

before entering the parking area, another post. lucky for us, that one was problem-free. i am surprised that there aren't any posts at each individual parking space. talking about paranoid!

at almost 2300hours, we left pott's house. he was out as well, to have supper with sha. yah and i were heading home. so, we went to the guardpost to go out of the compounds, but we weren't allowed because we don't have the access card. i was explaining to the guard that we were visitors and we wanted to leave, just let us go already. no, he was firm on his feet. he told us to go to the other guardpost and explain to them. fine, we did that. omg, at that point, i was loosing my marbles already. one after another, the guards came to me and asked me questions. my answer remained the same: we are effing visitors and we don't have the effing access card.

even to get out of the place, we have to register. gawsh!! this is far worse than entering a prison, this is EXITING a condominium! i told yah to get down and register whatever and deal with it. i can't. i wasn't in the right mood, nevermind the right mind. yah went down, talked to them, and still we were held as prisoners. until pott came and somewhat rescued us. that is, after an arguement broke between him and the blahdy guards.

bloody hell! we wanted to LEAVE, not rob the apartments!!

next time (if there are any), i am so going to park effing OUTSIDE. no more waiting, no more screaming, saves my sanity.


Peeps said...

perkara biasa berlaku apabila ke so called condo ini. guard semua irritating gile. cam barua! aku memang menyampah guard kat situ semua. BODOH! Tu sebab jadi guard je..

redSeptember said...

ala, kat condo kami tak kena apa pun. elok aja.

tu la dia nyer, kalau kasi kuasa sikit, boleh jadi macam orang gila!