Sunday, January 18, 2009

Klang Valley under siege

i have been waiting for today. my wait was not a waste....

yes, today is the day that i became a volunteer for the C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E first wave of creating awareness amongst the people in malaysia, be them local or foreigners, about the current condition in the Gaza strip, and what we, as HUMAN, can help to stop the war against the innocent.

people from all walks of life, young, old, students, doctors, designers, politicians, Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, Atheist, Hindus, you name it. All of the different people were there. as our main objective is to fight for humanitarian rights, not fight in the name of religion. a reverend is one of the main people in COMPLETE, a taoist representative was one of our speakers today, all of them with one concern: humanitarianism.

we came in early today because we were volunteers. at first, there were not many people. we looked very amature with mainly teenagers and young adults filling the gaps in the hall. the banners and buntings were up for display and read. small booths were up, selling merchandises to support this coalition and also to collect monetary funds to be sent to help the innocent in Gaza.

but as the morning progressed, the crowd that started to flow in now consists of elder people, professionals, press people, and speakers that are very respected. our gathering was graced by the appearance and speeches from Prof Dr Chandra Muzaffar and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, which filled up the first half of the day.

"there is no greater injustice in this world today than the one that is happening in palestine" -PDCM

"you make them pay for their guilt forever" -PDCM

"they are still fighting for their own land no matter what" -TDM

"what we are seeing today is systematic bullying of the weak by the strong" -TDM

"boycott: we may think it is not effective, but it is morally right" -TDM

at the end of TDM's speech, there were a few performances. one of which was from the tree theater company. personally, i think those under aged kids should audition for AF. seriously, they are so much more talented, they can sing rather well, they write their own songs. it is like a little package full of surprises! as soon as the performances were over, the launching of "Klang Valley Under Siege" took place. this meant that we volunteers are to be dispersed throughout klang valley to distribute flyers on creating awareness and to answer FAQs about what is going on in Gaza.

thanks to the mugging up that i was doing by reading the buntings in the hall that morning, i was prepared to conquer the minds of the people out there and plant the seed of humanitarianism.

we chose to go to central market and petaling street area. the team that i was in was headed by Ashaari. there were 27 of us. as soon as we got the flyers, we start the "attack", left flank, right flank, front, back, and center. but of course, being the environmentalist that i am, i told them to recycle the papers that were not used. and to my surprise one of the guy said: "yeah, i know. we are environmental friendly too". hontonii sugoi!!

there were times that we were given the chance to talk to the crowd, and there were times that they chose not to be a part of the awareness. we can't force them. all we can do is try. at least at the back of my mind, i don't have the "what if"s. instead, i can sleep tonite, thinking: "i tried best i can". it is up to the crowd to open up their minds, i did my part already.

it was a long day. but i am not complaining. infact, i am happy. i am tired, no doubt. but my guilt has lessen. there are many things that i learn today. many walks i did today (burn calories, burn!!). many new and old people that i met today (amini and her fiance, tati (my uber hot cuz), filzah (my ex-roomie), kamariah, and many more to mention). many lives that i hope to change today. this is an experience that i shall treasure and i shall keep on pursuing until justice and truth prevails.

as of today, i am also a humanitarian.

when will you be one?


rozel said...

Babes..I'm sooo happy that we did this! I'm certain at least SOME of the flyers that we gave out will bring awareness to the ppl. Though there are a lot yg so degil, takpelah, one day they will realise it, and prolly regret they tak ambik the flyer!

redSeptember said...

i know! i so can't wait fot next fri!! we're going rite??

owh, please say yes....

rozel said...

like DUH! we are so going k :D