Saturday, January 10, 2009

YOUTH 2009

i am supposed to be volunteering for the YOUTH 2009 gathering today. but i barely got enough sleep this morning. i slept off at 0430hours and found myself wide awake again at 0530hours. planning to go to PWTC at 0745hours. somehow, i slept off again at about 0630hours and i woke up at 0800hours!!! i was like 'eff!!'.

to go or not to go, that is the question.

i was dead lazy, plus sleepy and a little bit dizzy. but i was thinking to myself, i gave people my word, i shouldn't go against it. so, in ultra speed, i got ready, and off i went to PWTC. got there with tonnes of minutes to spare because i was supposed to be there at 0900hours. it was still calm, but people were surely starting to flood in.

the volunteers were briefed of what they were supposed to do. i wanted to be on the event site, so i did not take up the job of going on the KL HOP ON - HOP OFF bus. i didn't want to stand at the registration area, neither do i want to stand at the entrance. so being the smart alec that i am, i just followed Priya's PA. the events were starting to take place, and yet there was still nothing much to do. so, i told the PA that i wanted to take the job going around the event site, in case anyone needs a volunteer. besides, i can have a free looksee around the events and no one to stop me from doing so, eh?

there were many booths that were set up selling things, promoting things, explaining things. there were games, there were make-up booths, there were reptiles and bugs, the weird combination of elements at this gathering just amazes me. at least i got to satisfy my need of playing with a snake. the guy let me have it around my neck. the feeling that i had was indesribable. i really want a snake as my pet! way too cool and funky, don't you think?

there were alot of battles that were going on, such as, battle of the bands, one-on-one futsal, 3-on-3 basketball, foosball, games and all. there were also workshops that stressed on dancing, graffiti painting, photography, shuffling. throngs of people were starting to flood the area and i was surprised to see that this gathering received alot of positive responses from the crowd! kudos!!

tomorrow is the finale of the event. i am gonna be there again as a volunteer. if you guys are coming, lets meet up!


uShop said...

mahu pergi tapi xde org nk taja tiket flight. hahaha

redSeptember said...

adoiyayy....tu x dapek den nak tolong