Monday, January 26, 2009

Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam

after a little over 2 weeks of not doing anything during this long holiday of mine, finally today, i convinced yah to go hiking with me at bukit cahaya, shah alam. the actual plan was, i was supposed to go there with my girlfriends. but due to some circumstances (they are always busy!!), that plan never took place. so, instead of waiting, i decided to take matters into my own hands and go ahead with yah.

i did a little homework online last night of what things we can do there. at first i thought we can't make it today because they are closed on mondays. but thank God today is a public holiday, which means regardless of it being a monday, they are open for business, in my word that would mean fun!

i actually wanted to go do my routine jogging in the morning today before we left for bukit cahaya. but because my bad knee was begging for me not to, i didn't make the jog. i was awake really early this morning, and i was left with nothing to do but wait for yah to wake up and wait some more for the exact time to go because the park opens only at 8am. as soon as i made a confirmation call with the park that it is open today, we started our journey.

bukit cahaya shah alam (BCSA) is located somewhere near seksyen 9. thank God for my frequent travel over to that area a few years back, i could locate the place with not much problems. we used the trunk road from kota damansara to shah alam, passing the RRIM and the new GCE highway. it took us about 20mins to reach there (would have been faster if i were really sure of the road. see, from the last i drove there, the roads has changed tremendously!).

there were not many people when we reached BCSA. as stated, the initial plan was to hike. but because yah wanted to cycle so much, we rented a bike each. we got the simple bikes that costs RM3 for 1st hour and RM1 for subsequent 1 hour (the newer ones cost RM5 for 1st hour and RM1 for subsequent 1 hour. it does not make any difference actually, just more nicer looking). yah got her bike perfectly fine, except that she wanted her seat to be higher. mine however, had some problems with the pedals. so, after an exchange with a better bike took place, we spun our hearts out (gila gian nak naik basikal ok).

we were so excited when we cycled through the park. went to the animal farm, passed the waterhole, passed the village, went to the orchid farm, and many more. we didn't stop long at each spot as we were too excited to cycle and explore. the roads weren't easy, to say the least. the were many hills that we had to climb with the bikes. at first, we challenged ourselves to keep on cycling. but when the lactic acid starts to accumulate, we pushed the bikes instead. remember my buckled knee? well, when i was having fun, i couldn't care. pain or not, i want to challenge my stamina. so instead of walking and pushing the bike uphill, i ran. i even had a "baby jog" up the hill at the orchid garden. call me crazy, but it was really fun.

after about an hour and a half cycling, yah couldn't take it anymore. she was practically begging to find the exit and return the bikes. i wanted to continue as there were many other areas that we haven't covered. but seeing that she was tired, we returned the bike. i wanted to get on the park bus and just have a motorized tour of the park, be a shutterbug. yah didn't share the same enthusiasm. she wanted to go home. and so.... to home we went.

it was a short trip but a definitely fun and enjoyable one. i was already planning in my head of what to do there if i ever go again the next time. i want to trek and hike in the forest, have a picnic, try my hands at fishing, skytrex, et cetera.

lucky for us, yah was wearing her calorie counter thingy (i so don't know the name of that thingamajig). we burned 800kCals each today doing something that we like. better than my morning jog, better than her gym regiment.

so, who says burning cals was that hard, eh?

p/s: ma, i want that calorie counting thingamajig too. please?
pp/s: you, you know who you are. want to go there with me?
ppp/s: if anyone can recommend other nature parks around KL/SEL, that'll be great! thanks!


nadia said...

try melawati hill (bukit tabur). kat situ famous for hiking lagi2 mlm new year cantik with fireworks!

pp/s: go2 ajak djambu ;)

redSeptember said...

owh bukit melawati ye...nnt i xplore. thanks!

ajak dia buat apa? baik i ajak you maa ;)

djambu puadovich said...

ohoo!!! ngumpat i kat sini ek...;)
nadia, u a gi dgn REd...xda membe tu...

Lang Legar said...

owh melawati hill is the other name ka..tau bukit tabur aje..
red,suh msvlad plan lg but I don't think she up for round 2 la haha..

redSeptember said...

how to get there arr?

iNGENiOUS AYU said...

red dearest, bukit cahaya tu di seksyen 8 bukan 9. hehe

btw, tak nak try FRIM. lagi besar u nak kayuh2 basikal.

redSeptember said...

o ye ke? sowiee... hehehe REd ingat masih lagi dalam sek 9 :P

tu la, i was thinking of frim juga...

nnt nak survey le.


nadia said...

Assuming you are from Karak highway, you have to take the left corner at Melawati area. (Giant supermarket @ commercial are would be on your right). Then, you could see food stalls on your left. Just go straight till you see an aroundabout. Take 9 o'clock turn. Go straight till you reach the second roundabout and take a 12 o'clock.

Here, you would pass a residential area,then turn right at the T-junction. Follow the sloping and turning roads.

Finally, you would encounter a Y-junction and turn left. To check this junction, there is a garbage area at the middle of the junction, and a bungalow if you turn right. Keep on until you see entrance of Klang Gate Dam. You don't have to enter the dam. The intake point is beside the gate. Check out the 'wall divider' near the gate.

ps, kalau u sanggup dukung i bole la kot. sebab for sure i pengsan punya. haha. i tak suke benda2 yg bpeluh. dats y i 'gemuks'

djambu, kami tak ngumpat la. kami bcerita je :P

redSeptember said...


you ni kerja mengemaskini system GPS ka? tere ke apa!! thanks hot ness...

eh, you mana ada gemuks, you comel ok.

ala hotness, slowly does it eh. kita jalan aja. tak peluh2 maa... ;)

Lang Legar said...

yes,that is the right direction..
I kinda ingat2 lupa la huhu..
so u mo panjat ka red..

redSeptember said...

even after the detailed directions she gave me, REd still tak tahu macam mana nak pergi.

but answering your Q, yes, REd nak panjat. tapi nak ke sana tu yang masalah antarabangsa nyer....


Lang Legar said...

well I still ingat2 lupe the way to go there and I don't mind climbing again..
so if you decide to go just msg me la..
we could go together if you want..

redSeptember said...

omg! seriously?? that'll be fantastic!!

how is the trail like anyway? can we jog up?

thanks Lang! i'll let you know if nething k.